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Creative Chaos CTO Receives Award for Inventing a Mass Transit Touch and Pay Solution

Umair Aziz - Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Creative Chaos, a leading technology consultancy, recently received the 1st Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Achievement Award for inventing and developing a...
by Lucid Pretense Of Sanity on Jul 15, 2013

Snowy; The Creative Chaos Kitty

There's a cat that lives outside my office.I only see it after dark though. Have yet to see it during regular work hours.The cat isn't special. She's just there. It's so convenient for me to pet her and be nice to her that it would be stupid not to.S...
by Lucid Pretense Of Sanity on Dec 25, 2012

Amazing Conceptual & Creative Photography

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by Daily News on Apr 9, 2011

Moving !!

Some of you know, I started to move Creative Chaos to a new location a few days ago – now I am done Please visit, let me know what you think, update your landmarks and picks ! On ground floor you find the Midnight Mania Board, all Group Gifts...
by Rubberduckling's Diary on Jan 29, 2010

Creative Chaos Affiliate News

Just to let you know..I started a second collection on apez…so everything I am adding right now will not show up on the vendors you own ! As soon as I have around 30 dresses in the second collection I will put it up in the shop and on xstreet a...
by Rubberduckling's Diary on Jan 3, 2010

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