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Obesity could lead to coronary artery problems

Obesity – one of the biggest issues with America in this time. The number of obese people in America has been increasing since 1985. There are various arguments for why there is such an increase; aggressive advertisement, excessive consumption of h...
by apexcardiology on Jul 18, 2012

Avoid Heart Problems with the help of CT scans

According to statistics provided by the American Heart Association, heart disease, or cardiovascular disease (CVD), was responsible for 811,940 deaths, or 32.8%, of the 2,471,984 deaths that occurred in 2008; in other words, 1 in 3 deaths were caused...
by apexcardiology on Jun 18, 2012

CT Heart Scan – Is It The Right Test?

Heart, one of the vital components of human body, often gets affected by congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. The branch of medical science that deals with heart is known as c...
by apexcardiology on May 28, 2012

Los AngelesCardiologist – Taking Care of Your Heart

Los Angeles is famous for its medical and cosmetic procedures because of the availability of advanced equipment and also the best surgeons in the county. Cardiology is the medical specialty that deals with disorders of the heart and a Cardiologist is...
by apexcardiology on Apr 17, 2012

CT HEART SCAN – Keep Your Heart in Check

Heart disease and other problems can be caused by a number of different things and cardiologists use CT heart scan tests to determine the different issues of the heart. The medical term “CT” stands for “computed tomography.” It is an imaging...
by apexcardiology on Mar 29, 2012


A cardiologist works with the cardiovascular system. A cardiologist’s duties include diagnosing and preventing heart diseases, performing tests on the cardiovascular system, and managing heart problems. Cardiology is a sub-specialty of internal med...
by apexcardiology on Feb 22, 2012

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