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Kingston Launches DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Flash Drive in India

World Leader in Memory Products, Kingston announced the launch of its first USB 3.0 Flash Drive in India. This pen drive is called DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Flash Drive and it is ten times faster than normal USB 2.0 Flash Drive. Data Traveler Ultimat...
by STARBYTE Computers Blog on Sep 21, 2010

Kingston’s USB3.0 ext. HDD delayed, sad case for speedy nerds.

Kingston’s ‘HyperX’ products have always been marketed as speed kings in hardware and gadget world. Their famous ‘Data Travelers’ & ‘Hyper X Rams’ have always live up to expectation. But now big fans of K...
by 2dayBlog on Jul 7, 2010

Flash disk with capacity up to 256 GB

Kingston produces flash disk Data Traveler 300 with capacity up to 256 GB. Superhuge capacity from flash disk Kingston DT300 is completed with Password Traveler software that facilitate users to make and access password to area that called Privacy Zo...

BlogContest Alnect Computer 2009 Periode 1, Review Produk Alnect Dapat Hadiah

Sebagai salah satu wujud dukungan terhadap blogger di indonesia, Alnect Computer selaku badan usaha yang bergerak di bidang informasi dan teknologi yang sangat peduli dengan kemajuan komunitas pengguna internet di tanah air, mengajak anda untuk berpa...
by on Jul 23, 2009

Review Kingston DataTraveler G2 USB Flash Drive 4GB Alnect Computer

Kingston DataTraveler G2 USB Flash Drive 4GB adalah sebuah produk flashdisk, sejenis media penyimpanan data untuk ditransfer dari satu komputer ke yang lain. Secara fisik, flashdisk ini memiliki desain yang sangat menarik dan warna yang cerah (Kuning...
by on Jul 23, 2009

Kingston Exhibits the First 256GB Flash Drive

Do you recall the days of cramming up all your files in a storage device so you can bring it along with you everyday? Everyone even perceived the convenience of the 256MB USB as a salvation. Well Technochasers, prepare yourself for this jaw dropping...
by Technochase on Jul 22, 2009

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