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SingleHop Rolls Out ColoPlus & Gives Away Free Virtual Private Clouds

Want to score some space for your server in the latest, $30 million data center in Chicago? SingleHop has rolled out their ColoPlus service offering some truly hybrid hosting environments across global datacenters on a highly scalable cloud platform.
by Rapid Purple on Oct 1, 2015

Hurricane Sandy Floods Datacenters, Brings Down Gawker

Hurricane Sandy has definitely caused quiet the damage among the East Coast - and within all that havoc it flooded the Datagram datacenter; home to Gawker, Buzzfeed, and Gizmodo. → [This is merely a summary. For the full post head on over to t...
by Rapid Purple on Oct 31, 2012

SingleHop Announces New Data Center Outlet

SingleHop launched a new and improved Data Center Outlet at - the Data Center Outlet offers several unique features, including exact real time inventory from SingleHop’s data... [This is merely a summary. For the full post h...
by Rapid Purple on Oct 19, 2012

An Inside Look at Google’s Datacenters

Never before has the general public been given an open look at the inside of Google’s datacenters – until now. True Google has shared many of their designs and best practices, and they... [This is merely a summary. For the full post he...
by Rapid Purple on Oct 18, 2012

DiscountASP.NET Introduces Windows Server 2012 Hosting

DiscountASP.NET has announced earlier last week the introduction of Microsoft Windows 2012 Hosting in their US-based data center, with plans to offer the same service in their Europe data-center in... [This is merely a summary. For the full post hea...
by Rapid Purple on Oct 10, 2012

WebHostForASP Announces Windows Server 2012 Hosting

The newest release of Microsoft’s Server 2012 is seen as something highly innovative, full of improved features and applications. These improvements offer application flexibility to answer the... [This is merely a summary. For the full post head o...
by Rapid Purple on Oct 9, 2012

An Open Compute Primer

The 2012 Open Compute Summit is taking place in San Antonio. Here's a primer on what Open Compute is.
by friday coming soon on May 2, 2012

Energy Management Services for Datacenters

If you’re a datacenter operator, you need an energy management strategy, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Schneider Electrics datacenter assessments will help you to understand how your datacenter operates, how it uses energy and...
by Alternative Energy News on Feb 6, 2012

Datacenters Photo Gallery

Datacenters are a place where tens to hundreds of webhosting are placed to serve millions to billions data request everyday. Back on the past decade, the number of servers weren’t so many as today. As we know that in 1995 the average internet...
by Share a Logo on Apr 12, 2011

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