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Skyrim – Marketplace in Riften (Photomontage)

My little Skyrim MOC, desaturated, in front of the “real” Riften marketplace. Skyrim © Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media Company Posted by Xenomurphy on 2015-03-21 10:03:12 Tagged: , lego , skyrim , riften , moc , bricks , elder , scrolls...
by web networkings on Feb 20, 2016

Skyrim Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard Release Dates Announce for PS3

The PS3 version of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is finally being given some much needed loving. An announcement was made on the Bethesda Blog for the European release dates of Skyrim’s English DLCs for PSN. Dragonborn – releasing on Wednesda...
by Ogre Jungle on Feb 10, 2013

Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 existence hinted in tweet

One thing we want to know as a Skyrim PS3 user is the existence of Dawnguard, and the majority of tweets normally explain that there’s nothing to share, although within the last few hours it seems Pete Hines has finally hinted at the existence...
by CNews on Nov 27, 2012

Skyrim PS3 DLC secrecy after Dawnguard digging

We now know that some Skyrim PS3 DLC is on the way, which some gamers hope is for Dawnguard finally coming to PS3, although a fair number of people would like all the downloadable content to finally arrive on the Sony platform.
by CNews on Nov 12, 2012

Skyrim Dragonborn with acceptable PS3 Dawnguard price

We had a lot of fun hunting down the Boneyard Keepers in Skyrim Dawnguard, although this obviously hadn’t been on the PS3 thanks to the famous problems that have been just as famously undescribed. We now know that Skyrim DLC is on the way to the PS...
by CNews on Nov 10, 2012

Skyrim PS3 Dawnguard DLC given lifeline

Skyrim players on the PS3 have waited for weeks for some, any kind of clarification regarding DLC status for the PS3 version of Bethesda’s epic RPG.
by CNews on Nov 7, 2012

Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 fiasco about DLC communication

It would be hard to put into words the amount of fun we’ve had playing Skyrim, although the Dawnguard fiasco on PS3 meant that our review of all DLC on the Xbox 360 had been the only choice between consoles. We’ve heard a lot of gamers st...
by CNews on Oct 23, 2012

Skyrim DragonBorn PS3 exclusive after Dawnguard misery

It is fair to say that Skyrim PS3 users have been through hell with the latest Elder Scrolls game, which started with bad frame-rate problems that eventually saw a fix from what had been a crazy issue with bookshelves. Then came the Skyrim Dawnguard...
by CNews on Oct 19, 2012

Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 partially hurts Dishonored

If you go looking at the Dishonored reviews on all the websites that matter you’ll find it hard to hit a negative review, which is thanks to the game being outstanding in most areas although for those still bitter about Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3...
by CNews on Oct 14, 2012

Skyrim: Dawnguard Review

The vampires are coming in hordes to Tamriel, and you are the deciding factor in what will happen! Does the first piece of Skyrim DLC live up to the likes of Shivering Isles and Bloodmoon?
by on Aug 17, 2012

‘Skyrim’ DLC ‘Dawnguard’ Now Available For PC; Bethesda Announces Massive QuakeCon Sale On Steam

The first DLC add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out for a little while now, but fans who play on PC and PlayStation 3 have been waiting patiently for their turn to check it out. Today Bethesda Softworks announced that the DLC, titled D...
by Geeks of Doom on Aug 2, 2012

Skyrim: DawnGuard On PS3 And PC, “We’ll Have News Soon” Says Peter Hines Of Bethesda

Over the past month Playstation 3 and PC fans of Bethesda’s epic roleplaying fantasy game, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,  have growing increasingly angry over the lack of news regarding the huge Dawnguard expansion pack that was released on...
by Wolf's Gaming Blog on Jul 29, 2012

Skyrim DLC announced + Trailer

After getting through my Skyrim addiction came Diablo 3. And now Bethesda put out a trailer for a DLC for Skyrim that actually might end with me playing a bunch more Skyrim? I end up with absolutely no time for anything anymore. Seems to be some vamp...
by Always Gaming on May 31, 2012

Bethesda Release First Trailer For The Dawnguard Expansion Pack For Skyrim

Finally, after months of waiting, Bethesda have released a trailer for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s first expansion pack titled Dawnguard. In the intervening time between announcing the pack and releasing this trailer, speculation has been ri...
by Wolf's Gaming Blog on May 31, 2012

Skyrim’s next DLC is Dawnguard

Bethesda has just revealed on their blog that the name of their upcoming Skyrim DLC is called “Dawnguard.”No other details are provided, but Bethesda posted a picture of the familiar-looking Dovakiin with glowing eyes (which can be seen above).
by Gamerai on May 1, 2012

Bethesda Announce Dawnguard DLC For Skyrim

Just days ago Peter Hines of Bethesda hinted that an announcement regarding Skyrim’s first DLC would be coming today. As you would well expect this sparked a massive Internet debate as to what this DLC would be, but Peter Hines was also quick...
by Wolf's Gaming Blog on May 1, 2012

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