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Is it something we should worry about? Or just a volcano?

MASINT, my dear reader, refers to “Measurement and Signature Intelligence.” Whenever you read a thermometer, you are learning some MASINT. The degree of temperature is the “measurement.” The coldness or heat causing that degree (the a...
by on Mar 1, 2014

dead-horse illustration

Check out these Cartoons images: dead-horse illustration Image by Illustration By Frits Free image – given to the Creative Commons Cr...
by Newscows on Oct 21, 2012

Motorcycle Alaska Deadhorse to Goose Bay Newfoundland Labrador

“Alaska to Labrador Highway” provides viewers a preview to a journey of driving the Trans Canada Highway TCH & Trans Labrador Highway TLH from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on the Artic Ocean through Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta,...
by on Sep 30, 2011

Deadhorse - Live

No Particular Night or Morning by Deadhorse This was a live set recorded at a venue called The Blot Spot in Binghamton, NY. We played with Jonathan Brandis, 2 Ton Bug, These Machines, and Divets. This was a house basement show, so the feel is very in...
by conopostrocko on Aug 7, 2010

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