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Jellynose Fish

Image: fishpix.kahaku.go.jpWARNING: High concentration of gelatinous material in the schnozzle area.It helps protect them against, erm... bumping into stuff? I guess?Image: fishpix.kahaku.go.jpAteleopus tanabensisAteleopodiformes is a tiny and rather...
by Real Monstrosities on Jun 22, 2016

Big, Voluminous Sleeves

Big, voluminous sleeves... the trend that keeps on giving. And billowing. After all, who doesn't want to look like a rakish buccaneer or ostentatious wizard?Video: EVNautilusAnd if they billow just right you might appear to have muscles that bulge li...
by Real Monstrosities on Jun 15, 2016


Image: Alexander SemenovIt can be difficult to describe things you've never seen before. Just think of the medieval bestiaries. Beavers have fish tails, don't they? Rhinos are covered in ornate steel plate, aren't they? Elephants... Where do you even...
by Real Monstrosities on Jun 10, 2016


Image: NOAA/Monterey Bay Aquarium Research InstituteI'd like to call this thing a "fish-shaped lump of flab" but it's scarcely even fish-shaped!At least it actually IS a fish. What it isn't, is any kind of eel. Or indeed, a Cusk, which is a whole oth...
by Real Monstrosities on May 29, 2016

Deep Sea Fish Oil Softgel

Deep Sea Fish Oil Softgel green world adalah salah satu produk unggulan dari green world Indonesia yang secara khusus diproduksi obat membantu mengobati berbagai penyakit. Perlu anda ketahui produk Deep Sea Fish Oil Softgel green world ini salah s...
by bos green world on May 8, 2016

Angler Fish Coloring Pages

 Angler Fish Coloring Pages Anglerfish Coloring Page Resolution image size: 301 × 389 . 18.69 KB The angry-looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky. It is quite possibly the ugliest animal on the planet, and it lives in wha...

Two Worms a' Weirding

Image: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2015 Hohonu MoanaAvert your eyes! This worm is completely NAKED!It's a Scale Worm... but he has no scales! In their place is what looks like a smooth, gelatinous blimp of translucent flab tip...
by Real Monstrosities on Apr 29, 2016

Pretty Little Jellyfish

I know absolutely nothing about this jellyfish except that it's gorgeous and I want one on my ceiling.Video: oceanexplorergovEven better would be if it floated a few feet above my head. Then it'd be on all the ceilings.
by Real Monstrosities on Apr 27, 2016

Prehistoric Worm Deep Sea 2.0.3 APK

The post Prehistoric Worm Deep Sea 2.0.3 APK appeared first on Out of the Void 1.6 APK Download Prehistoric Worm Deep Sea APK for Android This version of Prehistoric Worm Deep Sea 2.0.3 APK includes several changes which are mentioned...
by on Apr 6, 2016


Image: Oceana in EuropeSchnoz alert!These fabulous schnozzles are proudly borne by a pair of fish in the genus Macroramphosus, which is Greek for "great beak". That's close enough to "big nose" for me!Image: Robertson, D RossSlender SnipefishThe two...
by Real Monstrosities on Mar 23, 2016

Giant Octopus Escapes Through Tiny Hole On Deep Sea Fishing Boat

Watch this amazing video of a giant octopus squeezing itself through a tiny hole to escape from a deep sea fishing boat. This octopus was caught up in the nets of a fishing boat and the crew watched on in amazement as it made an escape even Houdini w...
by Daily News Dig on Mar 22, 2016

Fishing trip March 16, 2016

On this fishing trip we had Brian and his family from Mississippi on the boat.  They were down in the Gulf Shores and orange Beach area for spring break.  We had a great trip with some really nice weather and the fish were biting.  I must admit th...

Interesting video about Octopus

I thought this was a cool video about the Octopus.  I have seen several around my area but nothing like these guys.  Pretty cool!   Click the link to see more //

Haul out 2016, why does it matter to you?

The Orange Beach charter boat Intimidator is now ready for the upcoming 2016 fishing season...

What is a Full day trip to you?

Along the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area of the Alabama Gulf Coast an 8 hour charter it's kind of awkward trip.

Deep sea fish oil softgel

Deep sea fish oil softgel green world merupakan produk unggulan untuk mengobati berbagai masalah pada saluran darah seperti kolesterol, darah tinggi, gula darah dll. adalah agen resmi green world Indonesia yang sudah l...
by Anggi Herbal on Feb 14, 2016

Butt Ugly: Deep-Sea Assfish Is Aptly Named

The deep sea dwelling Bony-Eared Assfish is as butt-ugly as a fish can get, has virtually no brain to speak of, and no doubt has a charming personality. The post Butt Ugly: Deep-Sea Assfish Is Aptly Named appeared first on WebEcoist.
by WebEcoist on Feb 2, 2016

The 2016 Fishing season is here

The weather this winter has been extremely mild and warm. I expect this coming season to be a lot calmer and more typical of the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Mr. Pinch

Image: OCEANAI miss Mr. Tickle.:(...
by Real Monstrosities on Nov 27, 2015


PDO (Pure Deep Ocean) adalah minyak ikan pilihan berasal dari jenis ikan yang hidup di laut yang dalam (DEEP OCEAN) di Indonesia bagian timur yang kedalamannya tidak tertembus sinar matahari dan terbebas dari pencemaran lingkungan dan diolah secara m...
by HANIF TOYS on Nov 18, 2015

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