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London Council Leader Calls for Independence for London

Peter John (Lab), the leader of Southwark Borough Council in London, has called for London to become an independent city state in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (EU). Writing in the Local Government Chronicle (subscription)...
by London Green Left on Jun 28, 2016

The Greater Brighton Region

This week a national website that specialises in promoting public sector jobs has advertised a well paid role in the Sussex area. The post which is described as an exciting opportunity is Policy and Projects Manager for an organisation known …...
by IanChisnall on Jun 18, 2016

How Will the Greens and other parties do in the Local and National Elections on 5 May?

On the 5 May, elections will be held across the UK. In England local council and Police Commissioner elections and elections for the Mayor of London and London Assembly will take place. In Wales, the national Assembly and Police Commissioner election...
by London Green Left on Apr 28, 2016

Scottish Labour puts 50p top tax rate at heart of election campaign

Kezia Dugdale has put her party’s plan to increase income taxes to 50p for Scotland’s richest residents at the centre of Scottish Labour’s election campaign, a week before polling stations open.
by TaxWorldWeb on Apr 27, 2016

Musaigen no Phantom World- Bait and Switch with only the Bait

I legitimately forget if I ever talked about a Kyoani show around here. There was some buzz going around before Phantom World released at how Kyoani decided to adapt a light novel series like Phantom World. Kyoani hasn’t really touched the hare...
by The Anime Tree on Apr 5, 2016

Millions ‘could be lost’ if tax deal hits Welsh budget

Hundreds of millions could be lost if a deal on devolving tax disadvantages Wales, a government finance expert has said.
by TaxWorldWeb on Mar 30, 2016

Southern Powerhouse?

Once again as I glanced over social media this morning, the questions about the Northern Powerhouse (or in the case of this image – devolution for the West Midlands) and its viability are being debated. There are major challenges for … Co...
by IanChisnall on Feb 27, 2016

A party we did not get invited to

As I have written previously, the desire by Central Government to devolve decision making and funding to local groups of Councils is essentially a good one and something that all residents should be involved in. It has the potential to … Contin...
by IanChisnall on Feb 3, 2016

Wales income tax powers for better government, Crabb says

The Welsh government cannot “duck and dive and avoid” responsibility for raising some of its budget through taxes, Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb has said.
by TaxWorldWeb on Dec 14, 2015

Scotland gears up for income tax collection

HMRC has announced it will be sending letters to Scottish taxpayers regarding the upcoming Scottish rate of income tax.
by TaxWorldWeb on Dec 1, 2015

Devolution = Simplification = Less Politicians = Savings

 I like this from our partners in Yorkshire First. Could we rustle up something similar for Cornwall?  Although, I must say, I'd be tempted to replace the UK parliament with a Cornish one and stop there.
by The Cornish Republican on Nov 11, 2015

A Regional Assembly from Democracy Matters

More here from the website Democracy Matters: Regional Assemblies...
by The Cornish Republican on Oct 25, 2015

A Red & Green Alliance in Scotland for 2016 Election?

Written by Donnie Fraser and first published at Bella Caledonia It’s almost clichéd to say that we’re living in exciting times, a political landscape rapidly shifting beneath our feet and unpredictable in its destination. No sooner is one h...
by London Green Left on Jul 9, 2015

Interview - Noel Lynch - Green Party Candidate for the London Assembly List

Nominations are now closed for the Green party selection of List candidates for the London Assembly. Here, Mike Shaughnessy talks to candidate Noel Lynch of Barnet Green Party and Green Left, who wants members First Preference vote.Tell me a bit abou...
by London Green Left on Jul 3, 2015

Scottish government renews call for extra powers on tax and welfare

The Scottish government has again called for billions of pounds of extra tax and welfare powers as it opened up a fresh conflict with the Tories at Westminster. Detailed proposals were sent to UK ministers by John Swinney, the Scottish finance secret...
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 15, 2015

Understanding Podemos by Pablo Iglesias

The explosion of the 2008 financial crisis has produced a series of unforeseen political consequences, in Europe in particular. How can the forces of the radical left best respond to this unprecedented challenge? The aim here is to explain the analys...
by London Green Left on Jun 14, 2015

Greens Are Voting SNP. Will SNP Voters Return the Favour?

By Justin Kenrick, First Published at Bella CaledoniaAs we’ve all noticed, there was no Yes Alliance for this election. Many of us (in the Greens, SSP, RIC, Women For Indy, non-aligned) argued for such an alliance. Many say it would have muddied th...
by London Green Left on May 4, 2015

Power for all people and all places

The launch this morning of the manifesto for devolution by think tank Respublica is an ideal time to challenge those of us who are willing to consider such ideas that if our devolution is to be effective, we need to … Continue reading →...
by IanChisnall on May 1, 2015

The Establishment is Terrified of Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish National party’s (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon’s strong performance in the televised election party leader’s debate has put the wind up the establishment. In what looks like a classic dirty tricks operation, the Telegraph newspaper...
by London Green Left on Apr 5, 2015

Welsh Treasury team prepares for tax power

A Welsh Treasury team has been set up to prepare for the new tax-raising powers of the Welsh government.
by TaxWorldWeb on Mar 12, 2015

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