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I am such a jealous person

I saw my friend got pregnant, luckily she is already married so there aren't supposed to be any gossip flying. But I kept wondering... How does it feels like to be like her. And I kept talking about that to mum and some of my close friends. You know.
by dea's mind online on Jul 3, 2010

So Hating Today

I figured out I lost my ATM cardThen I had to go to the police stationI also realized that my cell phone number isn't functioning and had to go to the galleryAnd most of all I hate having exams on MondaySounds like MUNDANE!!!
by dea's mind online on Jun 25, 2010

Not what I expect

Okay, still I have to admit that I still have some feelings for himOr may be the fact it was sort of like a shock therapyYes, he got into a relationshipAnd I'm still aloneI don't understand how things get so lucky for himI feel so sadDevastatedDepriv...
by dea's mind online on Jun 25, 2010

Is being a copy cat a trend in your country??

Is being a copy cat a trend in your country?? Actaully the above topic is tkaen from Saykoji's song which is named Copy My Style (Again) Alright now I'm writting this concerning to the issue of one of Indonesia's neighbor countries. This country had...
by dea's mind online on Aug 28, 2009

Heart Resentment

I know you might think that I am so low minded or whatever, but this is what I had been feeling and why I had been so mad and emotional all this time.So as you all know, some other time ago, I told some of my friends and even publicized that my dad w...
by dea's mind online on Jul 30, 2009

Biaaatch FM!!

So after reading Gita's blog I think I should really write my own experience with what they called friends.So there's this girl. You guys might think that she is all that, she is cool, rich, smart, beautiful and stylish. But there's something I reall...
by dea's mind online on Jul 29, 2009

Deepest Thoughts

Got this from Secret Zen and I just want to post some pictures that might reflect my thoughts...
by dea's mind online on Jul 25, 2009

I just don't understand

Alright so... I really got so many friends in this world... and I love them all... I mean dominantly I can mix with them. But I also have some close friends, let's just say it's "the gang"... They promised me to go to this Amusement Park after the ex...
by dea's mind online on Jul 19, 2009

So MU decided to call off the tour eh?

It's a question...And I've been seeking answers and friends had been trying to find out about it.I mean if MU did really canceled the tour that's gonna cause a lot of dissapointmentIt's going to suckAlthough I am not watching it but I could feel itTh...
by dea's mind online on Jul 16, 2009

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