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Pikto Photographic Vision

The Love of Photography Partnership After meeting Andre a few times during one of my walks through the Distillery District, my new office mate and myself, were lucky to have a scheduled appointment. Finally we had the chance to discuss … Contin...
by Daily Distillery on Jan 26, 2011

Tapestry New Opera Works

Friendly Opera Neighbours While heading to work on the fourth floor in building #58 in the Distillery District,  I met up with Amber who works on the third floor of the same building.  My office mates always wondered if the … Continue reading...
by Daily Distillery on Jan 19, 2011

Hidden Treasures Within the Case Goods Warehouse

Case Goods Warehouse Has Hidden Treasures I had always known that the Distillery District had some affordable artist studios provided by Artscape.  I decided to wonder around the Distillery District area and came across the Case Goods Warehouse.  ...
by Daily Distillery on Jan 14, 2011

Ancient Greek Technique at Balzac’s

Wax Painting at Balzac’s The Toronto Distillery District is well known for its arts scene.  I went inside to get some great atmosphere with my coffee one morning and was pleasantly surprised.   I noticed a poster on the door. … Continue...
by Daily Distillery on Jan 7, 2011

Distillery Segway Tours Incorporates CEO’s Death Into Promotional Strategy

Less than eight weeks ago, the owner of Segway died in a tragic accident while riding one of his company scooters on his estate in Engand. Segways are electric scooters that rely on nerve sensory to steer. While they have … Continue reading ...
by Daily Distillery on Dec 5, 2010

Give Santa the Boot, Receive A Free Christmas Tree

Did you know…that St. Nicholas and Santa Claus aren’t exactly the same? St. Nicholas originated from Europe, whereas Santa Claus is the North American adaptation of him.  In Europe, St. Nicholas Day is not the same day as Christmas day,...
by Daily Distillery on Nov 24, 2010

Distillery District Christmas Market: Updates

The countdown is ticking down to the premiere of the Distillery’s first annual Christmas Market. The holiday tree is prepped with lighting and gold trim, and decorations are being put up around the neighbourhood. Construction workers are workin...
by Daily Distillery on Nov 15, 2010

The Secret’s Out: The Holiday Tree Is A Preview of What’s Yet To Come!

So I found out from D., the very buff construction worker that has been keeping me informed for the past week, that the real reason why so much work has gone into putting up a Christmas tree this year is … Continue reading →...
by Daily Distillery on Nov 12, 2010

Chaos and Construction in the Distillery

Concrete drilling and exasperated sighs interrupted the normally calm and serene nature of the Distillery yesterday. Oh, but it is for a good reason – the District is getting its first Christmas tree! And a colossal one it’s going to be,...
by Daily Distillery on Nov 4, 2010

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