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Titanfall 2 - Free Angel City DLC will Hit in December

Titanfall's Angel City is coming back as a free DLC of Titanfall 2.While playing Titanfall, we've seen Angel City as a frontier city with martial law forced upon it by the IMC. Angel City was divided into small districts with great walls in...
by Game News Plus - Game News on Oct 5, 2016

Darkest Dungeon - The Crimson Court DLC will Bring a New Playable Class

Roguelike dungeon crawling video game Darkest Dungeon offers you a chance to explore a gothic mansion which you have inherited from a relative of yours. Since you inherited the mansion, you are sure your relative is long dead but, of course befo...
by Game News Plus - Game News on Oct 4, 2016

Infinium Strike: Broken Overlord first DLC details released PC Mac Linux PS4 XO

With Infinium Strike: Broken Overlord players will again be taking command of the Freedom Strike’s weapon systems.Thrown into new deep space battles of a new mini-campaign, they will fight for hours not only to save the human race, but also to free...
by gamezplay on Jul 28, 2016

Video Game Review: Automatron DLC

A nefarious villain thought to be a myth has made himself, and his goals, apparent. The Mechanist will enslave the whole world with his robotic army, if everything goes according to plan that is. Your goal is to stop him, preferably by giving him a d...
by RotoRob on Apr 18, 2016

Wasteland Workshop Out Tomorrow

So, hot off the heels of Automatron Bethesda Game Studios are due to release their second piece of Fallout 4 The post Wasteland Workshop Out Tomorrow appeared first on The Zombie Chimp.
by The Zombie Chimp on Apr 11, 2016

Automatron DLC Out Released March

Well, if you’ve been waiting diligently for Automatron, the first of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 DLC’s then you won’t have to The post Automatron DLC Out Released March appeared first on The Zombie Chimp.
by The Zombie Chimp on Mar 15, 2016

Armored Warfare 0.13 update brings Chinese Tanks - PC

0.13 update of Armored Warfare launching on February 11. Rising new arms dealer Zhang Feng and his roster of dangerous vehicles will then become available for all tank Commanders.Not only will players be able to interact with Feng’s arsenal of tank...
by gamezplay on Jan 29, 2016

Next Warhammer: Vermintide DLC "Schluesselschloss" Announced

What?!I'm glad I just have to write and not to say it to you. Is that a safe word or something? Should we not recommend it to others while we are speaking in real life? Actually it is not a bad name if you think that we don't really have a social lif...
by Game News Plus - Game News on Jan 29, 2016

La Liga de Expedicionarios llega a Hearthstone

Durante la BlizzCon que se está celebrando estos días, Blizzard Entertainment ha desvelado La Liga de Expedicionarios, una nueva aventura que nos lleva hasta remotos confines en una arriesgada expedición para recuperar una misteriosa y antigua rel...
by Gadplayers on Nov 10, 2015

WWE 2K16: Pase de Temporada y Digital Deluxe Editions

2K ha anunciado los detalles sobre la oferta de contenido descargable, el Pase de Temporada y las Digital Deluxe Editions, de WWE 2K16, el próximo lanzamiento de la franquicia de videojuegos de la WWE. La oferta de contenido descargable incluirá un...
by Gadplayers on Oct 19, 2015

The Crew Wild Run: Beta Cerrada

Ubisoft ha anunciado que desde las 12 del mediodía del 15 de octubre hasta la misma hora del 19 de octubre, en horario centroeuropeo ambas fechas, se podrá jugar la fase de beta cerrada para PC de The Crew Wild Run, la expansión del MMO de acción...
by Gadplayers on Oct 6, 2015

Imperial City para The Elder Scrolls Online llega a las consolas

Tras su lanzamiento en PC y Mac, Imperial City, el primer paquete de contenido descargable para The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, ya está disponible en todo el mundo para Xbox One y PlayStation 4.La Ciudad Imperial, corazón del Imperio d...
by Gadplayers on Sep 16, 2015

Destiny: The Taken King and what it means to you. (Videogame chatter)

Destiny: The Taken King and what it means to you. (Videogame chatter)...
by LowBrowComics on Jun 17, 2015

Hearthstone: Montaña Roca Negra

Montaña Roca Negra es la segunda aventura de Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft y nos retará a elaborar mazos, adaptar estrategias y vencer a nuevos villanos mientras nos esforzamos por añadir nuevas cartas a nuestra colección.La aventura de la Mont...
by Gadplayers on Mar 29, 2015

Euro Truck Simulator 2 receberá novos trailers e cargas em seu DLC

Euro Truck Simulator 2 acaba de ter novidades reveladas sobre o novo DLC Scandinavia, que, segundo a produtora SCS Software, adicionará novos trailers e mais de 80 novos tipos de carga. O título já está disponível para PC, ma...
by Skybott Tech on Mar 26, 2015

Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack and New Kombatants

Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack, the ultimate pass providing fans with Mortal Kombat X downloadable content (DLC), some of which will be available beginning at launch.The Kombat Pack will include access to four playable characters still in development, i...
by gamezplay on Mar 12, 2015

Grand Theft Auto Online Heists - PC PS3 PS4 XO X360

Heists are now available to play in GTA Online. The Heist update will arrive as a free download for all players on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation3, and the PlayStation 4. Heists will arrive for PC when the version launches on April 14.Grand Thef...
by gamezplay on Mar 10, 2015

PES 2015: Nova DLC 4.0 Informações, Imagens e Novidades!

A KONAMI anunciou hoje a nova DLC 4.0 confirmada para 12 de março, incluindo transferências, estádios, 60 faces novas e muito mais!       Transferências: Essa  DLC 4.0 vem com as transferências de jogadores feitas d...
by JVPES.COM on Mar 3, 2015

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