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Poldark by Gaslight

Dr No approached last Sunday evening’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover (BBC1) in a bad mood, having just had his computer freeze up in the last moments of an ebay auction he was particularly keen to win. Maybe there’s an app out there baddies can use t...
by Bad Medicine on Sep 8, 2015

Shoots You, Sir

If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then news about news is the last refuge of a desperate editor. In an editorial in the BMJ this week, Ben Goldacre and Carl Heneghan report on ‘extensive news coverage’ of a ‘leaked letter’ from...
by Bad Medicine on Jun 24, 2015

Ill Winds

The other day we had David Cameron getting pumped up about a seven day NHS. Pumped up is the New Tory, but a lot of old hats were still put on pegs, some hats more moth-eaten than others. JC (of the Department of Health Sunshine Band) was wheeled ont...
by Bad Medicine on May 19, 2015

Docs Told To Stick Drugs Where Sun Don’t Shine

Despite the colour scheme, Bad Medicine is not a red-top, but sometimes a red-top headline doesn’t do any harm, unlike over-diagnosis and over-treatment. The campaign against the problem of meddlesome doctors, a problem that has been around for as...
by Bad Medicine on May 15, 2015

Making Ministers Happy

Just as forecasters talk of a ‘fog situation’ or a ‘snow event’, so do medical educators now talk of the ‘shape of training’. Why the accessory words are needed is beyond Dr No, but then again he is not all that surprised because the rece...
by Bad Medicine on Feb 5, 2015

A Bill to Promote Innovation in Advertising

Imagine for a moment Dr No is now a peer, Lord No (of Nowhere), and it has come to his fancy that there are a lot of worthwhile advertising folk out there who are being cruelly frustrated in their attempts innovate by a constant fear of litigation. R...
by Bad Medicine on Dec 12, 2014

Making Illness Fun

For a man with a name that sounds like a vintage Italian motorcycle, Peretti runs pretty smooth. The creator of The Men Who… documentaries – The Men Who Made Us Fat (about the food industry), The Men Who Made Us Thin (about the weight loss indust...
by Bad Medicine on Aug 7, 2014

Raising the Bar

Justin Wood, the Today programme’s Useful Idiot, was let out of his play-pen this morning to tackle a story with real numbers in it. He promptly crashed and burnt. So spectacular was the crash and burn that the erudite Prof McManus’ erudition fla...
by Bad Medicine on Apr 18, 2014

The Blind Archer

by Bad Medicine on Apr 13, 2014


Slit, the gash in the silk curtain BBC One legal procedural through which we get to see posh knobs with wigs on polishing each other off, is back. So too are the hormonally challenged. Leading QC Martha’s oxytocin levels are so high it can only be...
by Bad Medicine on Mar 14, 2014

Staggering Catastrophes

As a doctor who has dabbled in epidemiology, Dr No is not unaware of the siren song of Greater minds, including epideiology’s Einstein, have frothed at the prospect of the data orgy to be had, only to have it dawn that theirs was a prem...
by Bad Medicine on Mar 4, 2014

Regulators are from Mars, Doctors are from Venus

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a regulator in possession of a dodgy report must be in want of a cover-up. –Attr: Austen, Miss J. Yesterday on Newsnight, the Chief Stoat was worrying another victim, on this occasion the Chief Pongo for...
by Bad Medicine on Jun 21, 2013

Toothless Wonder

Dr No gazed in open-mouthed if not toothless wonder as the first episode of Frankie (BBC1) unfolded last night. Not content to be the life and soul of the party, Frankie, a SuperNurse for the time being on the district beat, is the life and soul of t...
by Bad Medicine on May 15, 2013

A Dark Nurse

Dr No’s mother has been admitted to hospital – at home. This NHS wheeze is a worthy idea, which Dr No supports. On paper, it is win-win: patients stay in their beloved homes, and the NHS saves money. In practice, it has one minor but fatal flaw.
by Bad Medicine on Feb 3, 2013

The Computer Says You Have Schizophrenia!

In his zeal to declare the NHS open for business, David Cameron announced in December 2011 that it was ‘simply a waste’ not to flog off anonymised NHS data to the pharmceutical industry, to help development of new drugs and their testing on hapl...
by Bad Medicine on Jan 4, 2013

Hot Burning Clouseau

Hot Burning Coales, the enigmatic London GP who has for a time been a thorn in the side of the Royal College of GPs, is showing signs that she is about to start hammering at them like a pneumatic drill. She is alarmed by the absurd pattern of results...
by Bad Medicine on Dec 19, 2012

The Curse of a Fortunate Man

Over the years Dr No has encountered a number of single handed general practices. His first encounter was on a Scottish island, as a student, in a practice made memorable by two things: the sweet malt smell from the oil drum sized barrel of beer that...
by Bad Medicine on Dec 12, 2012

Left Shit

The title for this post arises because Dr No has idly been playing Shorter Titles, the I’m Sorry I haven’t A Clue game in which panellists are invited to submit film (or song) titles where a single letter omission changes the meaning – Oldfinge...
by Bad Medicine on Nov 30, 2012

Supping With a Short Spoon

Just as there is gold for drug companies in them thar pills, so there is gold for GPs in them thar patients. Historically, GPs were paid chiefly on a patient head-count basis, topped up with item of service fees for ‘extras’ such as vaccinations...
by Bad Medicine on Nov 22, 2012

Big Pharma’s Little Helpers

The idea the there is gold in them thar pills is, one might say, as old as the hills: the book on the left was published in 1975. But it sure is a rum old business. Dr No’s last post highlighted the paradox that, even for drugs that do work, for mo...
by Bad Medicine on Nov 10, 2012

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