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Strategi Dow Theory di Binary Options Hirose UK

Strategi Dow Theory di Binary Options – Jika anda menguasai prinsip dasar dari trading Binary Options, pasti anda akan sukses. Strategi Dow Theory yang telah dicetuskan oleh Charles Dow merupakan salah satu prinsip penting dalam tranding yang wajib...

Recognizing White-Hot Trends

Traders generally chasing 'can't lose propositions' often push price or relative prices to extreme concentration. The shift from Dow Industrial stocks to Dow Transportation stocks, for example, has created white-hot trend (chart 1).  These...
by Eric De Groot's Insights on Jul 8, 2014

Follow the Leaders

--->Transportation stocks set to lead until 2015. Dow Jones Transports (DJTA)/US American Railroad Stocks Prior 1914 and Dow Industrials (DJIA) and DJTA to DJIA Ratio Cycle Z Scores (DJTAC3and4) ------------------------------------- As a spec...
by Eric De Groot's Insights on Jun 20, 2014

Follow the Leaders

--->Extreme concentration in the leadership groups (red boxes) warn of a change in trend. The transports have lead stocks since 2000.  Concentration (dotted red line) as price enters a red box in 2015 warns investors that the trend is ready to...
by Eric De Groot's Insights on Apr 25, 2014

Review of US Stocks and Troublesome Trends

--->NYSE Composite's REV(E), a measure of trend energy base on total NYSE volume, has been generating higher highs and lows since early March (chart 1).  This technical setup reflects growing trend energy as price builds cause.  Invest...
by Eric De Groot's Insights on Apr 16, 2014

Follow The Dow Transports

--->Chart: Dow Jones Transports (DJTA), DJTA to Gold Ratio (DJTAGOLDR) and DJTA Cycle Z Scores (DJTAC3and4) Comments: Stocks, largely lacking participation from retail investors, continue climbing the wall of worry.The bears are growing that "the...
by Eric De Groot's Insights on Nov 16, 2013

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