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The Scent of Success

Saliva Drug TestSuccess breeds more success. Confidence builds on older confidence. Good spirals upward to join great. When things are going well, it feels as if there isn’t anything that can stop you. Even when they slightly fall off, your endo...
by Drug Test And Drug test Kits on Sep 15, 2014

If We Were Gods and Dogs Were Men

Alcohol TestMany people have throughout the course of human history of how simple things would be if we were gods instead of humans. And, more than that, if we made dogs into men, because we easily understand and can control dogs. This would, in m...
by Drug Test And Drug test Kits on Sep 1, 2014

The Sounds of Silence

We have all heard the notorious song by Simon and Garfunkel. It is something of a legend, actually. However, for anyone who has ever been given the silent treatment, it has a whole different connotation. It is jarring to the ears. It seems unnatural.
by drug free workplace on Apr 22, 2014

Drug Testing in a Dangerous Environment

High hazard industries, such as mining and aviation, are designed specifically to get labor intensive and necessary work done, but this can also be somewhat hazardous for employees, especially when they opt to do extremely dangerous work involving ex...
by Oraline Saliva on May 8, 2012

Alcohol Test: Pregnant Employees

Mothers-to-be on your staff are always wonderful additions to your workplace. New hope, new growth, and the ever present excitement in the air are great to be around and enjoy, even if it is not you. Many companies offer benefits, time off, or variou...
by Oraline Saliva on Apr 19, 2012

Landmark Fair Work decision supports drug and alcohol testing

The role of drug and alcohol testing has been strengthened by a landmark Fair Work Australia decision. A dispute over proposed testing of workers subcontracted to a major highway construction projectcast scrutiny over the rights of employers to condu...
by Oraline Saliva on Feb 10, 2012

Is Testing Becoming More or Less Popular?

Drug and alcohol testing has only been around since the 1980s. The recent development and implementation of this practice, coupled with perceived violations of privacy, has meant that it did not begin with as much popularity as it has today. Both emp...
by Drug Test And Drug test Kits on Aug 31, 2011

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