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Canon – Technology Used in Interchangeable Lenses

Canon’s interchangeable lenses for interchangeable-lens digital cameras, such as digital SLR (single-lens reflex) and digital cinema cameras, are realized through advanced proprietary technologies and know-how. This page introduces some of the...
by Buddy Shots on Sep 13, 2013

What is DSLR?

SLR is short of Single Lens Reflex and it refers to a camera which has prism and mirror inside for reflecting photographic image in to viewfinder of the camera. SLR cameras can store their images [...]...
by Whatisall on Jun 23, 2013

Incase CL58032 DSLR Sling Pack for Canon Nikon Sony Camera Lenses (Black)

Product DescriptionThe Incase Design Sling Pack (Black) is designed to carry and protect a D-SLR camera with lenses and accessories. The case is made from water-resistant nylon with a padded interior. It has 3 interior removable, padded dividers that...
by gambutku on Jul 24, 2012

A Few Quick DSLR Camera Reviews and Recommendations

A few readers commenting on the last post regarding compact camera reviews rightfully realized that because cellphone camera technology is getting better and better each year, it might not make sense to spend $200 for a separate camera. While th...
by The Reel Foto on Jun 17, 2012

Toy camera lenses, DSLR cameras- fun with blurry pictures!

How to use a camera body cap to shoot your DSLR with any toy camera lens. CAUTION: Power tools in use by UNTRAINED (un)PROFESSIONALS!
by best camera reviews on Mar 14, 2012

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