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A Shoppers Guide to Tax Dodgers in Truro

A Shoppers Guide to Tax Dodgers in Truro | My TruroThis is a great initiative! Well done to those involved. Now, how about an interactive map for the whole of Cornwall, not forgetting the Duchy of course - probably one of the biggest tax-dodgers of t...
by The Cornish Republican on Feb 29, 2016

Cornish Devolution, Duchy and Republicanism

Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of sixteen Commonwealth Realms 1, three Crown Dependencies 2, fourteen British Overseas Territories 3 and various Australian and New Zealand Overseas Territories 4. None of those Realms, Dependencies or Territories h...
by The Cornish Republican on Aug 24, 2015

Campaign against royal secrecy in the Duchy

Whilst I doubt that Cornish republicans and British republicans will ever agree on some fundamental issues there are still occasions where common ground can be found. Perhaps this latest campaign from Republic is a good example: Campaign against roya...
by The Cornish Republican on Sep 2, 2014

Taking on the Duchy by Dr John Kirkhope

During the course of my Ph. D. research I made a number of Freedom of Information Requests. In some I succeeded in getting the information I requested in other cases I did not. There was one matter which related to a record held in the National...
by The Cornish Republican on Nov 27, 2013

Al Jazeera investigates how the commercial interests of the heir to the throne are affecting people in Cornwall.

by The Cornish Republican on Sep 30, 2013

Duchy of Cornwall overhauled or overthrown?

BBC News - Cornish Peer calls for Duchy of Cornwall overhaul: The Duchy of Cornwall should be radically overhauled, according to a Cornish Labour peer.  Well done to Lord Berkeley and - not wanting to take away from his actions - it should st...
by The Cornish Republican on Apr 4, 2013

The tax position of the Duchy of Cornwall

Found on the Confirm or Deny blog. Click on image to read.
by The Cornish Republican on Mar 2, 2013

A private citizen with very peculiar rights

The Duchy of Cornwall describes itself and is described by Government as a “private estate”. As will now be demonstrated it is a private estate headed by a private citizen which enjoys a unique set of privileges which enables it to enjoy real pow...
by The Cornish Republican on Jan 24, 2013

Minimizing Domination

As more evidence seems to emerge daily(1)(2) of the Duke of Cornwall's completely antidemocratic right to influence the governance of Cornwall and wider UK perhaps it's time for us to consider demanding a proper modern democracy. Perhaps it's time fo...
by The Cornish Republican on Jan 20, 2013

So Cornwall is a separate Kingdom!

"I know the Cornish have been shouting about this for a long time, but they turn out to be right".  Click the image above to read the article. More from Cahill can be found here and here.
by The Cornish Republican on Jan 6, 2013

The girl won't be stopped!

Freedom of information campaigner and journalist Heather Brooke says the decision by the government to veto the release of letters from Prince Charles is almost feudal and an affront to democracy. Brooke says that while the coalition government has m...
by The Cornish Republican on Oct 27, 2012

Abolish the Duchy Campaign

Republic are holding a meeting in Kernow to discuss their Abolish the Duchy of Cornwall campaign. The details of the meeting are here.   Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith will be there to discuss the campaign. The meeting will be ask...
by The Cornish Republican on Jul 11, 2012

Too little, too late

Lets not be bought off by symbolic gestures empty of any real hope for Cornwall.  We've been here before haven't we? Yet another attempt by the establishment to flatter the Cornish national identity but leading to what exactly? Can we now ex...
by The Cornish Republican on Jun 10, 2012

The Duchy is not democratically accountable in any meaningful sense

The following is a transcript  of a speech made Labour Lord Berkley in the House of Lords concerning the Duchy of Cornwall. Queen's Speech -15 May 2012. It makes for interesting and somewhat concerning reading in a 'modern democracy'. Given t...
by The Cornish Republican on May 16, 2012

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