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Early childhood: Learn from the animal world

God create animals for the benefit of human beings. We can get inspiring teaching methods derived from the animal world too. One easy way is to get animal story books and films which are very easy to find.  My  children know almost all common anima...
by Real Life Parenting on Sep 6, 2010

Early childhood: A simple way to teach your little children how to read

Rania has known the alphabets since long (click here to read previous post about "Alphabets and Numbers") and at around the age of five, I began to teach her reading. She had many books, including some free books from a publishing house loc...
by Real Life Parenting on Jun 30, 2010

Early childhood: let the children control their emotion

 - Ninta, Angkita and Jasmine were on their way home in a school bus. They were classmates in Kindergarten and felt very happy cause someone had given them balloons, each for every one. Too bad, it was not for long. Angkita caused Jasmine's balloon...
by Real Life Parenting on Jun 5, 2010

Early childhood, Home learning: I'm defensif about not sending Aqmal to kindergarten

Aqmal, my second child, approached someone and asked a question:"Do you know Mr. Iwan?" Mr. Adhyaksa Daud (the Minister of Youth and Sports of Indonesia) answered:"Yes, what is your relationship with him?" Aqmal answered:"He'...
by Real Life Parenting on Apr 9, 2010

Count your blessing, Early childhood: Wonderful children are every where around us

Is it difficult to educate young children? Apparently not, because I've seen wonderful children every where. They are my source of inspiration... Someone I know very well, Akang, has two teenage children. He often visits remote villages in the mounta...
by Real Life Parenting on Oct 3, 2009

Count your blessing, Early childhood: A Madam who prefers to be a regular woman

Someone used to call me ‘Nyi’ (=madam) a long time ago. Nyi is a Sundanese (west Javanese) language. I’m a true Sundanese because I grew up in Bandung (the capital city of West Java) and my parents as well as my grandparents are Sundaneses too...
by Real Life Parenting on Sep 20, 2009

Early childhood: Tantrum 2

Real life parenting is also about dealing with tantrum. How to avoid young children from developing tantrum? I have some tips based on personal experiences: Spend much time with your children in order to develop a close attachment with them. Do alwa...
by Real Life Parenting on Mar 10, 2009

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