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Meet South America’s Infamous Electric Eel

Meet the electric eel, the only other animal that knows how it feels to walk across a carpet and zap somebody you don't like.
by Cnet Analysis on Dec 19, 2014

Christmas Kitchen James Martin Dec 2014

James Martin introduces a new selection of Christmas fare for 2014. This year’s show runs all week at 3.40 pm BBC1 and has another 5 shows next week as well! A total of 10 episodes 50 minutes each. Get a … Continue reading →...
by New Cook Book Review on Dec 9, 2014

ADVENT CALENDAR: Dec 3rd - Eels - Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas

A track I first purchased about 14 years ago, on the B side to the Eels single 'Cancer For The Cure'. The song was also featured on a compilation called 'It's A Cool Cool Christmas', which I purchased from HMV in Bath one winter's night back in...
by RW/FF on Dec 3, 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photos of the Eels (Salisbury, July 2014)

Last night (Sunday July 27) Mark Everett (aka E) and the Eels visited Salisbury for the last date of their UK tour. I've heard of bands taking a slight detour while on the road, but it seems that Eels played Bristol on Friday before jetting off to Ne...
by RW/FF on Jul 28, 2014


Agenda de Barcelona, semana del 7 al 13 de julio.Menuda semana festivalera nos espera en Barcelona, Be Prog! My Friend y Festival Cruïlla se suman al Festival de Pedralbes y al Festival Grec, completando así una agenda la mar de interesante. T...
by Alquimia Sonora on Jul 7, 2014

eels - 'a swallow in the sun'

Has Mark E ever made a bad record? I think not. This is an exquisitely beautiful tune from his latest album.
by de minimis on Jun 21, 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 01/06/2014 - Eels, Tom Vek, The Horrors, Fang Island

You'll find nothing Cheesy here - 4 tracks to chase!SFW:-Eels - A Swallow in the Sun (2014)I have religiously bought Mark E.Everett (EELS) albums ever since Beautiful Freak in 1996.  He's an artist that I've stuck with, despite his material ofte...
by Tune Doctor on Jun 1, 2014

eels - 'mistakes of my youth'

I like to think of Eels songs as falling into various categories - there's the indescribably sad, there's the rocky upbeat sad, there's the whimsical and cleverly written sad.... this tune would fit well in the latter, the kind of tune you listen to...
by de minimis on May 15, 2014

Track Of The Day: Eels - 'Where I'm Going'

Quite simply THE best thing Mark 'E' Everett has recorded in years. The new album '' is also the strongest and most consistent Eels record in at least a decade. Closing the album in joyous fashion, 'Where I'm Going' is the sound of man who has lived...
by RW/FF on Apr 26, 2014

Mistakes Of My Youth

Eels has premiered the video for “Mistakes Of My Youth”, a song that belong to his upcoming album “The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett”, available from April 22, 2014. Watch the video below and tell us what you think!.
by 40 music on Apr 11, 2014

Track Of The Day: Eels - 'Mistakes Of My Youth'

As I mentioned a few days ago, a new Eels album is on the way. If the first two singles are anything to go by, 'The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett' seems to be a more introspective outing than last year's 'Wonderful Glorious', and indeed the...
by RW/FF on Mar 13, 2014

REWIND: Eels - 'Fresh Feeling'

I'm looking forward to the new Eels album, which is released on April 22nd. But I have to say that Mark 'E' Everett and his outfit haven't released a proper classic since the glorious 'Daisies Of The Galaxy', which is my favourite Eels album along wi...
by RW/FF on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – On The Ropes

Every time I find myself in this old bind Watching the death of my hopes. In the ring so long gonna prove them wrong I’m not knocked out, but I’m on the ropes. I’ve got enough fight left inside this tired heart To win this one and walk out on m...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – Open My Present

I wanna open my present look at it rapped up in little big bones back up tight just waiting for me, to rip it open and set it free. Relieve my state I just can’t wait I wanna open my present well I’m a good boy, I behave myself I’ve been patien...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – Peach Blossom

Oh man… feels so nice. That was a long cold night, But then the sun came out to thaw the ice. Open the window man and smell the Peach Blossom, The Tiger Lily, the Marigold. Oh look at her… she’s got something to say, And I can’t wait to hear...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – Stick Together

Thwarted again missing in the crowd A friendly voice calling clear and loud My big mistake, thinking that I knew How to get by independent of you The imatures, they have the chance Quick to forget who brought ‘em to the dance Loyalty is paramount t...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – The Turnaround

Another morning in the evening Times still on the floor And I don’t even know her name Or if she lives here Had enough but I want more I don’t remember how I got here And how long it’s been now A day or two, maybe more Home to home I spent the...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – There’s Something Strange

The kids are screaming and the wife is crying Sunday morning ain’t no time to fight Things are breaking he is rantin he is ravin It’s very clear that the kids are not alright When Ray told me that he didn’t like my curtains Just a sad intitled...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – True Original

She’s a true original Not some store bought rebel She can find her own way home You just have to let her [Chorus:] Whichever path she finds, It’s hers to take And if she says she’s fine You just have to wait for her She’s an artist in the wor...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

Eels – Wonderful, Glorious

The sum of all your experiences A living breathing result of the fight And every night you spent shrouded in darkness Has led you to this moment in the light, it’s alright Wonderful Glorious Wonderful Glorious Ahh ahh ahh ah, ah ah… Wonderful Glo...
by Song Lyrics on Mar 7, 2014

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