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Stop Being A Zombie

Zombie Influx (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Here's the thing! Almost all the people I see and I know, act like a bunch of zombies. People are rushing, are hungry for money and they don't smile anymore. This is the world? 1. Speed is for cars.
by Guide For Life on Sep 12, 2013

Man O Man

Man O Man!When without money, eats wild vegetables at homeWhen has money, eats same wild vegetables in fine restaurant.When without money, rides bicycle;When has money, rides the same exercise machine.When without money, walks to earn foodWhen has mo...
by Sequiram's Sousar on Aug 17, 2011

Enlisting The Power of Your Thinking to Release Negative Attitudes About Money

Money plays an essential part in everyone’s life. You could argue that every person alive today has an equal right to be rich. Everybody wants to live fully and enjoy the trappings of success. It’s illogical that so many people prevent th...
by How to make money online on Aug 12, 2011

Bonus Manager (Beta Price)

After all, we already made the sale right? We deliver the product and thank them. What else is there to do? Well, actually a lot! Because most of us should know that it's easier to get someone to buy another product after they just purchased one. A...
by on Mar 11, 2010

The History of Electronic Money

Electronic money gives flexibility to the owner because it is paperless and can be transferred around with the use of technology such as internet. It works through the use of a “public and private key” system, which allows user to access...
by Allthearticles on Dec 31, 2009

Low interest payday loan – get instant approval

Do you need you need up to $1500 dollars with low repayment rate? Do you need low interest payday loan without credit check and without fax? Here are the best tips on how to get electronic cash transfer in minutes. Get up to $1500 dollars without str...
by Financial Planning on Jul 10, 2009

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