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A day spent feeding, bathing, and marvelling at Elephants

One of the things that I was most looking forward to in Thailand was getting to see elephants, so just a few days before bidding Chiang Mai farewell, I finally made it over to the Elephant Nature Park. Set in the lush countryside of Northern Thailand...
by That Backpacker on Mar 24, 2014

Save an Elephant, Win a Trip to Thailand!

Save an Elephant, Win a Trip to Thailand!Creating Travel Karma Save an Elephant, Win a Trip to Thailand! “When I go to Thailand, I can’t wait to ride an Elephant!” I remember having these thoughts myself, and have heard them echoed...
by Where Sidewalks End on Feb 10, 2014

A Bucket List for the Elephant Nature Park

The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai is an elephant sanctuary and conservation center.  They do...

Vegetarian Cooking Class, Chiang Mai

A half day Thai cooking course on Thapae Road and all for a good cause. One of the activities that...

An Elephant’s Best Friend

A life-long love inspired Lek Chailert to create Thailand's Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for the endangered gentle giants.The post An Elephant’s Best Friend appeared first on TrekWorld.
by TrekWorld on Sep 7, 2012

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