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Eva Longoria Director For “Jane the Virgin” Episode

Eva Longoria : Support for “Jane the Virgin“: Eva Longoria will be responsible for an episode of the new season as a Director.   “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria makes a little trip behind the camera. How...
by News Celebs on Aug 26, 2016

Eva Longoria Look of The Day

Eva Longoria : Eva Longoria appeared at an event in Las Vegas all in white.   Eva Longoria (41, “The dark truth”) brought Hollywood glamour to Las Vegas: the “desperate housewives” Star appeared at a...
by Celebs Social on Aug 23, 2016

Eva Longoria Relaxes With Jose On The Beach

Eva Longoria. With her husband Jose, Eva Longoria took the Sun as ever during a romantic getaway in the Balearic Islands in Spain. Attention, sunscreen recommended. Eva Longoria And Jose Baston In Spain. It’s summer,...
by New Today on Jul 22, 2016

Eva Longoria Red-carpet Return With a New Look

Eva Longoria : Time for a change! Eva Longoria has not only recently married, but surprised at a film premiere, now with new hairstyle.   When important changes in life, women love to visit her...
by Sizling People on Jun 3, 2016

Eva Longoria Leather 4

Eva Longoria in leather coat, leather gloves and suede boots.

Eva Longoria Secret Wedding Planned ?

Eva Longoria : Soon it will be now as far as: actress Eva Longoria and Jose Baston will be half a year after their engagement supposedly already in a few days the knot   Eva Longoria,...
by Sizling People on May 18, 2016

Eva Longoria Is That The Evidence of The Separation?

Eva Longoria : It‘s been just five months that Eva Longoria has engaged to Jose Baston. Now everything should be gone   All good things come in threes   At the third attempt, it should...
by Sizling People on May 8, 2016

Eva Has Skills

These pictures of Eva Longoria are from last year (November to be exact) but are still extremely worth the look. The 40 year was showing off her amazing body in that skimpy 2 piece bikini that she wore while showing off her skills on the beach. Man-o...
by n-yo-face on Feb 16, 2016

Eva Longoria: She Takes For Nicki Minaj

Eva Longoria: Eva Longoria is no shortage of humor! The former wife of Tony Parker, swaying in a parody of the Anaconda of Nicki Minaj clip, and to say the least, is that the actress knows his...
by Sizling People on Feb 14, 2016

Victoria Beckham Design Eva Longoria Wedding Dress

Eva Longoria: “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria and her boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston are engaged. Short was rumored after the announcement of their Liebesgluckes, Eve’s good friend Victoria Beckham would design her wedding...
by Sizling People on Jan 14, 2016

Telenovela S1E05 'The Rivals' Clip 1

Comedy that goes behind the scenes of a telenovela and its star, whose off-camera life rivals the drama of her onscreen story lines.
by Box Office Buz on Jan 5, 2016

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham On The Red Carpet

Eva Longoria : On the red carpet of the “global gift Gala 2015“ remarkably smoothly ironed inLondon of posed Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham together for photographers – Eva Longoria in a royal blue silk... The post Eva Longoria a...
by News Carnage on Dec 1, 2015

Eva Picks Her Ass

Here is some truth for you.. Not only is Eva a talented actress but she is also talented in another area. While on the beach, with a phone in her hand she can look straight ahead and make it look like she is NOT picking her ass. And with that skimpy...
by n-yo-face on Oct 21, 2015

5 Celebs Who Say They’re Ageing Well Because of Good Genes

Believing one of the reasons why they look good for their age is because of genetics, these 5 celebrities have all commented that they think they’re ageing well because of the good genes in their families. Praising their mother or father for pa...
by Girls Talkin Smack on Aug 25, 2015

Eva Longoria admitted that does not look like a scarecrow helps her Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria has long been known for their friendship. Contrary to general opinion, that women cannot be friends, these two celebrities every time prove as they cherished, admired and are ready to... The post Eva Longoria admitte...
by celebsters on Jul 24, 2015

Remember, Eva is 40

You know damn well that when ladies go on vacation they have to bring a bikini for each day and Eva here is no different and we are fortunate enough to get to see. That 40 year old body of hers is awesome in any bikini she wears we just prefer the sk...
by n-yo-face on Jul 21, 2015

Eva Longoria Bikini !

Haberin Fotoğrafları İçin Tıklayın – Gallery Umutsuz Ev Kadınları’nın seksi yıldızı Eva Longoria sevgilisiyle çıktığı İtalya tatiline devam ediyor. Geçtiğimiz gün lüks teknesine görüntülenen seksi yıldız mavi bikinisiyl...
by Celebrities Exposed on Jul 17, 2015

Eva Goes For It

The world already knows that Eva was on vacation all last week and as you can see having a ton of fun. The 5'2" (shawty) showed off that sexy body of hers in just about every kind of bikini you could think of.  Anyways, here she is having some f...
by n-yo-face on Jul 13, 2015

Eva Shows Her Ass

I don't give a shit what anyone has to say about Eva Longoria, because the simple fact is that she is damn sexy. Just look at her in that skimpy blue bikini and the body she has. Girlfriend has it going on for being 40 years old. Anyways she spent he...
by n-yo-face on Jul 7, 2015

Eva Longoria would be George Clooney in female guise

The star of the television series “desperate housewives” actress Eva Longoria admitted that she would become “George Clooney in female guise. Woman inspires his obsession with his work and she considers him a good example... The pos...
by celebsters on Jul 6, 2015

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