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Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Review

Have you noticed that we are hugely obsessed with beautiful long lashes these days? It’s essentially impossible to log onto Instagram or Pinterest without seeing Kylie Jenner’s big, fluttery eyelashes blinking back at you. Now lashes are...

Idol Lash – Enhances Eyelashes: Honest Review

Idol Lash Eyelashes Enhancer Review What is Idol Lash? Idol Lash is an eyelash enhancer that promises to improve your eyelashes’ length and width. In a study conducted by Idol Lash with 15 subjects who were 24 to 82 years of age, it was found that...
by Beauty Tips on Jul 7, 2015

Lashe Mink Lashes Review (or, Why Mink Eyelash Extensions Are So Popular)

Lashes make everyone look better, but have you ever wondered why everyone is so crazy about mink eyelash extensions these days? Mink eyelashes look and feel more natural: they have a soft, fluffy, fluttery look that you can only get from real hair.

How to Look Better Without Makeup

How to Look Better Without Makeup: five ways you can look and feel better without applying a single makeup product! The post How to Look Better Without Makeup appeared first on The Radiance Report.
by The Radiance Report on Feb 9, 2015

Splurge-Worthy Beauty Gifts

The Radiance Report's guide to splurge-worthy beauty gifts by Panasonic, Riiviva, Tatcha, and Rae Morris. The post Splurge-Worthy Beauty Gifts appeared first on The Radiance Report.
by The Radiance Report on Dec 8, 2014

False Lash Options for Beginners

Not sure where to start with false lashes? Try one of these natural looking false lash options for beginners! Featuring picks by Kiss & Ardell. The post False Lash Options for Beginners appeared first on The Radiance Report.
by The Radiance Report on Jul 22, 2014

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It? (Part 2)

An update on my last post about eyelash extensions and why I think I'm sticking with them this time. The post Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It? (Part 2) appeared first on The Radiance Report.
by The Radiance Report on Jul 10, 2014

Blog Anniversary Giveaway #10: Duchess Lash Bar & Spa

One of the things I've learned to accept over the past few years, is how I'll never get to have long, beautiful lashes. And no, I'm not insecure nor even a little too conscious about it. I was born with short, thin and stick-straight top lashes. My b...
by The Purple Doll on Apr 29, 2014

The best mascara ever - LOREAL PARIS -false lash flutter

As you know I'm big fan eyelash extension treatment but at the mo there is nobody around me i can trust so I don't have any eyelash extension... Sad I know BUT here I found help ... :DFor only £11 you can buy the best mascara ever - let me...
by By Anja on Oct 4, 2013

The Secret to Fabulous Lashes in Frisco

(© Flirty Girl Lash Studio) Great eyelashes are the new little black dress. They are the new must have that looks good on every woman! So how is this attainable if you weren’t born with naturally long lashes? Easy! Try extensions on for size.
by I Heart Frisco on Jun 1, 2013

NovaLash eyelash extensions– get the lashes of your dreams

Sick of those mascara ads that make you think you’ll get long luscious lashes but don’t deliver? Well, one surefire way to get the eyelashes of your dreams is with some fabulous eyelash extensions from NovaLash! Model Amanpreet Wahi-...
by The Indian Beauty Blog on May 31, 2013

My First Attempt at Applying Eyelash Extensions at Home

Eyelash extensions look great, but they’re expensive. I decided to learn how to apply them myself at home in order to save money. I purchased a starter kit from J’aime Eyelash Extensions at The Makeup Show in New York this year. Unfortuna...
by The Radiance Report on May 10, 2013

Getting Eyelash Extensions at Lavish Lashes

I've always wanted to get eyelash extensions. When I work with patients, I am always looking at their faces, so I notice a lot of things (apart from the condition of their mouth). I see the color of their eyes, their talent in make-up application, th...

Guest Post | Eyelash Extensions: Useful Tips

(image: weheartit) Your life is going to be so much more rewarding now that you have eyelash extensions. No kidding. You’ll get better job offers, the standard of men who proposition you will markedly improve, shopkeepers will be inclined to give...
by Gaby's Beauty Blog on Mar 3, 2013

Lashes: Fake It Till We Make It

When they say the eyes are windows to the soul, I can’t help but feel the need to enhance the beauty of our sight-seers. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with doll eyes, but thanks to the innovation of beauty, there are new ways that can m...
by Lipstick and Luxury on Nov 27, 2012

Look Natural and Beautiful With Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Do not you feel confidence with your eyelashes? The reasons are your eyelashes are not too long and thick. There are so many people use standard eyelash extensions but it makes them uncomfortable. Putting on fake eyelashes are so time consuming and t...

Eyelash Extension Makeup Fashion

Eyelash Extension Makeup Fashion You can choose the length according to your natural eyelash length. The process of wearing a eyelash extension is a little long as each individual eyelash... Read more »...
by todaygossip on Aug 4, 2012

Make up Ideas and Fashion

Make up Ideas and Fashion In the fashion-forward world, mastering the art of makeup, hairstyles and how to look beautiful was never so easy especially after the entry of blogs... Read more »...
by todaygossip on Aug 4, 2012

Evil Plot: World Hair Domination

The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore, Desperate Scousewives – if the thought of hair extensions conjures up images of these reality show stars then you’ve probably steered clear of them so far – but there’s no need to be so afraid! The reason...
by I Heart Cosmetics on Jul 24, 2012

Why Wear Mink Eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes are probably the most expensive and luxurious looking of all false eyelashes on the market today. Although also available as eyelash extensions, mink eyelashes are normally found as strip lashes that are applied direct to the eyeline a...

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