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Whose Program is it Anyway?

WE see it all the time. Very often the addict shows up for his or hers 28 day treatment program not sure if they are ready for treatment. Not sure if they are committed to the process of moving toward recovery. the client is quiet and often withdr...
by Synergy Group Services Blog on Dec 29, 2008

“What Is The Difference between Enabling and Helping?’

First let me qualify myself as a gold medallist as an enabler. My personal life experiences in this area at least qualifies me to attempt to make the differentiation between these two behaviors. On first blush when discussing enabling as it relates...
by Synergy Group Services Blog on Dec 25, 2008

“Is Addiction a Family Disease?”

For those families that have not been affected by the disease of addiction the understanding of how this disease affects the total family would be difficult to comprehend. But, for those families that have been affected by this disease it becomes qui...
by Synergy Group Services Blog on Dec 20, 2008

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