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President Buhari’s Daughter, Halima Called To Bar

President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter Halima has been called to bar in Abuja today July 14th, her family and loved ones where present at the ceremony. The post President Buhari’s Daughter, Halima Called To Bar appeared first on Oh Zina!.
by Oh Zina on Jul 14, 2016

twenty five Lovely First Family members Tattoo Suggestions For Men and Ladies

They can be utilised to demonstrate that the members are ready to stand for every other in no matter what they are doing, regardless of whether they steal, do drugs or what ever. The tattoos are employed to act as an oath that the person is completel...
by Tattoos Gab on Jul 13, 2016

Lazy Sunday - Family Trip to Nesparken

Today we had awesome weather down here in Moss. The sun was shining, it was just below freezing, and the kids were crazy. The perfect recipe for a trip outside!We joined up with the Judsons and took the trip over to Nesparken.Lazy Sundays like these...
by Robust Dad on Feb 14, 2016

Hectic Work Week + Fastelavn

This last week has been quite hectic, so it's been difficult for me to update the blog. On Monday morning I traveled to Denmark for a customer show that Sony has each year. There we show all of the new products for the upcoming year, and it was quite...
by Robust Dad on Feb 7, 2016

Ice Skating with the Kids

The other the whole family went out to the local ice skating place. It's a school soccer field that they spray with water during the winter. Matheo and Milla got ice skates last year, so it was finally time to learn it properly.I have never been god...
by Robust Dad on Jan 18, 2016

Home With the Kids... ALONE

When our family moved to Moss, we had to make a decision: Liv-Kristin or I would have to switch jobs. The commute would make it impossible for the both of us to continue to work in the Oslo area. After some luck, and a lot of skill, Liv-Kristin manag...
by Robust Dad on Jan 13, 2016

Fastest Family First EP-34 12/01/16 Full Episode

Fastest Family First EP-34 12/01/16 Full Episode Fastest Family First 12th January 2016 Today Episode,Naagi January 12, 2016 Full HD Episode, Fastest Family First 12 January 2016 Drama Serial,Fastest Family First 12th January 2016 Full Episode,Nagin...
by Real blogger on Jan 12, 2016

Sledding With the Kids

It's been snowing like crazy here in Moss this last day. About 50cm of snow now, and it hasn't stopped yet. What's the best thing to do when it has snowed, besides killing yourself? Sledding, of course!The two oldest and I went outside and sledded th...
by Robust Dad on Jan 10, 2016

Moment With the Family

It's the little moments that makes life truly fulfilling. Like this one just now in bed with the two oldest kids!Love it!No more excuses! Push push push!
by Robust Dad on Jan 5, 2016

Trash That Gingerbread House!

As most families, we have a gingerbread house for Christmas. The kids decorated it all by themselves this year, and they've been super excited for the day when they could break it and eat it.Today was the day! Armed with plastic spatulas they went to...
by Robust Dad on Jan 3, 2016

Southern College Girl + Ecletic/Rustic/DIY Style = A COOL Little Apartment

Well Hello there!  Are you ready for a new year?I was thinking about the MANY loose ends I had,which made me think about drafts I had written but never posted here.(I just hate when I do that)Anyway, most of them were pretty silly but since I ge...

Vacation to Spain - Part 2 - Torrevieja and Flamenco Show

Being both urban and awesome, we couldn't just sit by the pool all day long. Torrevieja needed to be explored.The trip startet at the local tourist office, and Liv-Kristin and Olga made plans for the rest of the vacation. You can see that Thomas real...
by Robust Dad on Jun 30, 2015

Vacation to Spain - Part 1 - Travelling and Stuff

Since I wrote such an immensely successful travelling epilogue last year, a repeat is necessary this year. If you did not read last year’s travel, you can find it here, here, here and here. This year’s special vacation goes to Alicante...
by Robust Dad on Jun 29, 2015

When your baby turns 16 and becomes a young man

My eldest Ryley turned 16 this past Monday and I am still not sure how I feel about it! I’ve watched him grow from birth to now and when I think back through the years with all the changes that he has gone through, the good times and the bad ti...
by Modern Dad Pages on Feb 18, 2015

Jobs in Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Lahore

It gives me great pleasure indeed to welcome the Members of the Governing Body of the Pakistan Red Cross Society and friends and sympathizers who […]The post Jobs in Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Lahore appeared first on PkVacancy.
by PkVacancy on Feb 14, 2015

Blog! Now in Norwegian!

Meg og barna (f.v. Matheo, Timmy og Milla)Wohoo! Finally a blog in Norwegian. Great, huh?!Well, I've had this blog in English for quite some time now; a bit over a year. Since I am Norwegian, and speak Norwegian, you might wonder how it became like t...
by Robust Dad on Feb 8, 2015

{Review} Stay Moisturized During the Winter Months with Lubriderm #FamiliaFirst #ad

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with LUBRIDERM® and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. During the long, cold winter months, my whole family suffers from extreme dry skin to the point where i...
by New York Chica on Feb 5, 2015

Apartment For Sale!

Nice new HTH kitchenWe are now selling our awesome apartment, and now's your chance to get it! Read all about it at of the apartment (except bathrooms) was refurbished in 2012 as part of the TV show, 'Hjelp, han pusser opp'. There's a br...
by Robust Dad on Feb 3, 2015

Wohoo! We've bought a house!

You read it right! We have bought our own house in Moss! More specifically in Ørneveien 2. We are super excited, and will move in the 1st of May!We went to take a look at the house on Monday. The house is fairly close family in Moss, and lies almost...
by Robust Dad on Jan 14, 2015

Snow time! Sledding with the kids

We haven't really seen that much snow this winter, but it came yesterday! Full blast! We originally planned to go to Sweden to do some shopping, but because of the heavy snowfall we skipped those plans. We probably would have spent twice the regular...
by Robust Dad on Jan 11, 2015

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