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No, Woman, You Can't Have An Opinion Online

Why can't I get the text to fucking format properly?!?! First of all, FUCK YOU, JACK! [not you, of course]A lovely expression.All I did was simply answer a question, and this is what happens:Question was something like... "Are you in recovery or reco...
by Frankie's Joint on Aug 22, 2014

No Males Allowed

Summer Science for Girls Only   “…young girls, especially in science classrooms, need successful and confidence-building experiences.”   Of course!!! Who wants those stinky, nasty boys around!!!   The whole world revolves around...
by Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW on Jan 12, 2013

Dumb Dames… Sharing Their Stupidity

During my short period of substitute teaching at the K-12 grade levels inside the USA; home of the brainwashed and a sick, perverted and disgusting in many ways society, I soon realized that many of the female teachers were the typical pathetic self-...
by Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW on Nov 28, 2012

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