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Firefox 4 – Những thay đổi hoàn toàn mới

by Thu Thuật Tin Học on Mar 27, 2011

Android Firefox 4 RC released

Now you can download firefox for your android as well because mozilla has just release the 4Rc version of firefox for Android plate form. Some of latest feature are available here. 1) Firefox sync enabled 2) Form Assistant that makes logging to a web...
by CrunchiTech on Mar 23, 2011

Firefox 4 Release

Mozilla has unveiled the discharge candidate for the mobile version of Firefox 4 , however has bother creating Flash work. The mobile edition Brings the complete version of Firefox 4 to Android and Maemo devices, however developers have to this point...
by Internet And Technology on Mar 22, 2011

Firefox 4 Release Date Is Tomorrow But You Can Download it Now

Official release date for Firefox 4 is tomorrow, but if you want to download it today, you can actually. Just hit one of the Firefox FTP servers, and you'll download Firefox 4. On this link, you can also find the installation files available in Firef...
by Breaking news on Mar 22, 2011

Download Firefox 4 Final is Available Now

Firefox 4.0 final version is now available for download on Mozilla’s FTP servers. The Firefox website has yet to be updated but it will probably be announced officially either later today or tomorrow, March 22nd 2011, as before. Firefox 4.0 wen...
by sukardiOnline on Mar 21, 2011

Descargar Firefox 4 final, enlace de la descarga

En vista que Internet Explorer lanzo su versión 9 y ha tenido muy buena aceptación por parte de los usuarios Firefox no se quiere quedar atrás es por eso que en cuestión de días lanzo dos versiones RC y hoy ya tiene disponible Mozilla Firefox 4...
by lo nuevo de hoy on Mar 21, 2011

Firefox 4 final para el 22 de marzo

Luego de probar muchas versiones beta de Firefox, parece ser ya se han decidido en poner una fecha fija para lanzar la versión final 4 de Firefox, pero antes es bastante probable que tengamos una versión RC 2. Según la fuente que consultamos estar...
by lo nuevo de hoy on Mar 17, 2011

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