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Twitter manda a cortar el servicio de Flattr

Flattr es un servicio que existe hace un par de años y que permite a sus usuarios dejar una “propina” a otro usuario, si le parece que su contenido es destacable o merece un premio. En el caso de Twitter, la propina se dejaba haciendo clic en el...
by Full Soft Gamer on Apr 16, 2013

Can You Make Money From Your Twitter Favorites?

Tipping company Flattr allow readers to microtip by favouriting content on Twitter...
by friday coming soon on Mar 19, 2013

Plan Would Put a Bank in Every Browser – Technology Review

An open payments system built into Web standards could transform online life, if the proposal takes off. See the article here:  Plan Would Put a Bank in Every Browser – Technology Review...
by Latest Tech and Science News on Jan 18, 2013

Pay a Blogger Day!

Swedish social micro payments site Flattr is launching the first ever Pay a Blogger Day on November 29, 2011, in a bid to encourage people to pay for content they love reading for free online.
by GoldenTwine Blog on Nov 29, 2011

Pay a Blogger Day – 29 de noviembre, Día de “Pagar a un Bloguero”

Hoy 29 de noviembre es el “Día de Pagar a un Bloguero” (Pay a Blogger Day), iniciativa adelantada por la gente de Flattr. Some of the wittiest most insightful content comes from bloggers... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my we...
by ArquitecturaS on Nov 29, 2011

Welcome to Flattr!

There is a brave new world filled with entertainment, news and tools made by everyone that deserves your support. Content creators can get rewarded directly by their fans and followers through small payments. Swedish social micro payments site Flattr...
by GoldenTwine Blog on Nov 26, 2011

Why Pay A Blogger?

Some of the wittiest most insightful content comes from bloggers doing it because they want to, not because of money and fame. That is all the more reason to give something back. On November 29, pay a blogger! "Bloggers give up an awful lot of th...
by DAVIDVENTER.NET on Nov 22, 2011

Site passion vs Site argent

by Conseils en Blogging on Feb 18, 2011

Flattr: A little survey of "Social micropayments"

Flattr is a micropayment system - more specifically, a microdonation system - that launched publicly in March 2010 on an invite-only basis, and then opened up to the public in August 2010. Users are able to pay a small amount every month and then cl...
by It's a comp thing! on Feb 7, 2011

Flattirl – Flattr goes IRL

Use Flattr in real life. Get your QR Code, print it, and let your supporters vote for you with their mobile phone. view more View full post on FeedMyApp If you enjoyed reading this post please donate to support us. Share with your friends:...
by on Dec 27, 2010 – Using Flattr With Real Things

I am sure you have heard of Flattr, right? It is a micropayment system that is mainly used to make online donations. If the name rings a bell, that is because it is one of the ways in which Wikileaks is being supported right now. You must have read t...
by on Dec 22, 2010

WikiLeaks guarda su secreto de financiación

La medida generó polémica internacional y pone a WikiLeaks en el centro de atención. El eje de la red financiera WikiLeaks es una fundación Alemania - Wau-Holanda. Wikileaks alienta a los donantes a que contribuyan a su cuenta en la fundación,...

Utsikt fra veranda.

Tester ut min nye mobil, Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro på MMS og blog posting.
by Bloggen til Kimme Utsi. on Sep 6, 2010

The Sincerest Form of Flattr-y

Have you come across that really good blog post (like one of the many here on Daily Axioms) and wish you could reward its creator?That's the idea behind European startup Flattr. Here's how it works: Flattr users deposit a small amount of money into t...
by Daily Axioms on Aug 12, 2010

Flattr Invites zu vergeben

Nach kurzer Pause geht es hier nun weiter. Seit ein paar Wochen ist auch hier im Blog der Dienst Flattr integriert. Bisher allerdings noch mit mäßigem Erfolg. Aber das kann und wird sich sicherlich noch ändern. Für alle, die im ei...
by Bilderrampe on Jul 24, 2010

Lakritzkaffee, update

Ich hatte an dieser Stelle ja schon mal darauf hingewiesen, dass es sogar Lakritzkaffee gibt Diese spezielle Form des Kaffees, der bei zu beziehen ist, wird auch vom blog kaffeeversum empfohlen. Bildquelle: screenshot Wer mal was...
by on Jun 13, 2010

Micropagos por Internet o la valoración de los contenidos - Flattr

Hoy me hago eco de una noticia publicada en ALT1040, uno de los mejores blogs españoles sobre tecnología. En el introducen el concepto de los micropagos por Internet, concepto muy interesante pero que no sé yo si en España va acabar de funcionar.
by Ganar dinero online on Feb 15, 2010

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