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What is wrong with my flip video camera?

Question by itsmykr3w: What is wrong with my flip video camera? I recently bought a “flip mino hd” video camera and when i first turned it on it had a white screen so i charged it and that fixed the problem. I was able to record videos an...
by High Definition Video Camera on Dec 31, 2012

Best Laptop Notebooks For Students

Talk:IMac (Intel-based) – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaApple's new iMacs will likely sell well amongst potential 'switchers' as well as college students taken the context of Apple providing support for a product and decided as...
by Laptop Notebooks on Oct 25, 2012

Interviews on Innovation- David Ovadia, TokBox

David Ovadia is the VP and head of products at TokBox, a company that delivers face-to-face online video solutions.  Previously, David was head of product management for Flip Video software at Cisco Consumer Products and Director of Marketing for P...
by Innovation Point of View on Sep 27, 2012

Operation Kayak-Cam 2.0 :: Getting Elevated

Having recently installed a camera mount on the bow of my kayak (which can be seen here) and that having been successfully tested on a couple of occasions, I logically concluded that it was time again to raise the bar. Kayak-Cam 1.0 was a monumental...
by North Jefferson Kayak Club on Aug 26, 2011

Fishing on the Locust Fork at Armstrong Loop

While this likely isn't our most compelling footage, the production value of the videos is certainly increasing. So here's our most recent outing. Spoiler Alert: Nobody caught anything. We saw loads of fish: carp, gar, bass; but they just weren't bit...
by North Jefferson Kayak Club on Aug 14, 2011

Test Run of the Kayak-Cam at Buckshort Bridge

Last week I posted about Operation Kayak-Cam, in which I fashioned a mount for my Flip Video camera to my kayak.Yesterday, we were finally able to go to the river for a test run. With fishing gear in tow, four of us headed down to the Locust Fork at...
by North Jefferson Kayak Club on Jul 31, 2011

Operation Kayak-Cam

For some time, I and my paddling cohorts have made great use of my FlipVideo and its waterproof case while on the water. This is my second such Flip, because the first one is still probably at the bottom of the Mulberry Fork somewhere, or perhaps is...
by North Jefferson Kayak Club on Jul 24, 2011

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