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Speed Cards Game

Your aim in this addictive card game is to eliminate all of your cards from your hand before your opponent.
by vivo-games on Dec 6, 2015

Flash Chess Game

A sample chess game made in flash.
by vivo-games on Dec 6, 2015


Play as either Mario or Luigi in this brilliant Flash version of the classic Super Mario Bros. game. Dont forget to use Space Bar to throw fireballs!
by vivo-games on Nov 11, 2015


Play Angry Birds flash game and help the birds get their revenge on the green pigs by knocking down their fortresses. ...
by vivo-games on Nov 11, 2015

Flying Angel

Check it out—a bouncing angel! How high is she gonna go??
by Game Gratis on Feb 27, 2015

Angry Birds Halloween Game Play Online

Angry Birds games are very popular and you sure know about it. This version is a new one and it´s time for Halloween. The birds where been bordered by the ghosts and creatures of Halloween and now the angry birds will revenge.
by GYAAN HOUSE on Feb 14, 2014

Strafe WW2 Western Front Game Play Online

Strafe WW2 Western Front is a shooting game! Use your radar to track down your aerial foes and shoot them down before they shoot you! Upgrade your weapons to enhance your sky fighting ability to take on more difficult enemies and to complete harder m...
by GYAAN HOUSE on Feb 8, 2014

Dogfight Aces

by Free Video Games Nation on Jul 21, 2012

Encounter Flight Simulator 2011Pro Flight Simulator That Rewards Your Input

Find out the most realistic flight simulator 2011 software package game that I’ve ever observed. It has over 20,000 airports from all over the planet, so you can fly and land anywhere in the planet, in any a single of 120 different aircraft. Th...
by Netbook News and Reviews on Apr 25, 2012

TU 95 Flying Simulator Game

Learn how to fly and maneuver the plane. Engage in the different missions. The goal is to safely take off, fly, and land in the next airport, but do not crash! Control Your Plane – Arrow keys...
by game For Me on Oct 26, 2011

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