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Little Stool Slipcover And Pillow Before And After

Hello,Hope everyone had a great holiday! It sure feels like winter here!! It's coldout there!! When i covered my bench in the foyer i had some fabric left thati'm using  for my foot stool that i bought at the thrift store. The stool cost $5.00.I...
by Kate's Place on Jan 6, 2016


Kamar Set Duco Putih Tempat istirahat paling nyaman setelah beraktivitas seharian penuh adalah rumah kita sendiri, apalagi dengan penataan ruang yang nyaman di dalam rumah yang sesuai dengan keinginan kita, pasti akan menambah rasa nyaman dan memperc...
by Pounjee Furniture on Apr 14, 2015

Completed Ash Chair

Completed Ash chair, seat upholstered using hemp webbing, all tenon and leg ends sanded silky smooth, the entire frame was given a couple of good coats of Danish Oil.
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 17, 2014

Ash Chair

Ash chair - all parts hand crafted from Ash logs. Legs and stretchers have been made from cleft wood using the draw knife and rounding plane, tenons cut using a tenon cutter. Just needs a tidy and a clean up then it can be upholstered.
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 15, 2014

Guitar Foot Stool

Guitar Foot Stool Reviews: The best and the sturdiest foot rests for the Classical / Flamenco guitar player Most classical guitar players require some sort of support for their foot, so that it gets elevated and the guitar can rest comfortably on the...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Feb 10, 2014

Semi-DIY X-Benches

Have you looked at x-bench prices? Most of them are crazy high. Especially when considering they are accent furniture, only to be occasionally used. I am certainly not the first to look for a cheaper alternative. Looking for an easy, affordable x-ben...
by Teal & Lime on Nov 4, 2013

How To Update A Thrift Store Mid Century Modern Foot Stool

How To Update A Thrift Store Mid Century Modern Style Vintage Foot Stool And Bring It Into The 21st Century Hello Blog Land Friends, I hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July! We spent a quiet day … Continue reading →Lisa's Creativ...
by Lisa's Creative Designs Blog on Jul 11, 2013

Favorite Sources: Poufs

Poufs, poufs, everywhere! No really, they are everywhere. As they should be. Poufs are a foot stool, an extra seat, or a small ottoman. Poufs are an opportunity to layer in another texture, pattern, or color. Every room can use a pouf. And now, every...
by Teal & Lime on May 29, 2013

Woods Bench

Made today whilst up in the woods, a simple, but effective bench from a fallen Oak branch and three logs. The branch is one that we took down from the tree in the immediate background a little while ago as it wasn't in the best of health and it wa...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Apr 1, 2013

Cutting Tenons

I spent a couple of enjoyable hours this afternoon cutting tenons on a batch of Hazel stretchers that ive been drying out for about six weeks. In the end i cut sixty tenons, albeit using a tenon cutter in the brace, still a bit of graft involved thou...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 14, 2013

Sit Mat

Made myself a nice new sit mat this morning, the mat measure thirteen inches tall by eighteen inches wide and has a depth of about half an inch.   Up until now ive always used a piece of blue plastic to sit on, but during the winter, even using...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 24, 2013

Strap Clamps

Following my post yesterday about the new build Hazel stool im making, ive had a couple of people get in touch with questions about the corner clamp i was using in the photo.   The question i was asked more than any other was "How did you m...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 14, 2013

Low Stool - Upholstered

Worked some more on the foot stool/low stool ive been making today. The stool has now been upholstered using some gloriously tactile jute webbing that looks absolutely superb one the stool, i personally think it looks better than the sisal rope se...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 14, 2013

Low Stool

Small stool that is in the process of being built, the entire stool is made from Hazel and as you can see from the photo, is currently in the process of being glued up and kept square using some homemade strap clamps. The legs of the stool are fro...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 13, 2013

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