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Adding some Amber ☺

Another Christmas week is here. I am much more relieved or better say, relaxed for now because its holiday for a couple of days. Sitting in the courtyard I feel much love with everything I can see ; this chills in the morning , the critters playing h...
by the saga on Dec 23, 2013

EID special :)

spicy and deliciousEgg scramblingLinked to Our World Tuesday...
by the saga on Oct 16, 2013

Mother of pearl

Fluffy white clouded floating across the blue skydrawing you and me        ***          Neither dusk nor dawnmother of pearl clouded aboveon a twilight sky  For HA...
by the saga on Oct 13, 2013

A couple of twO...;)

A couple of minutesFishing their thoughtsIn a couple of boats Over the shallow greenI Feathered … ...
by the saga on Feb 2, 2013

Snap talk

 In the previous post, I had mentioned about my evening at a sea shore. On that day, I had made a lot of snaps there and one special snap of some formed rocks made me "wowww" because it exactly looked like my college… I meant like a statue of...
by the saga on Jan 24, 2013

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