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Future Fitness Tracks Progress, Suggests Exercises and Keeps You Engaged: Gymtrack

We’re all keen on providing a healthy environment for ourselves in the privacy of our home, but once at a gym, the power is somehow stripped from you. Adding a personal insight into your every workout, Gymtrack keeps track of members workouts b...
by khairuddinuad on Oct 21, 2014

How to Improve Your Strength Gains

So, you’ve been committed to putting in your time at the gym and the weight room has become your second home. If you haven’t been getting as strong as you think you should be, there could be several reasons for that. If you feel like you are limi...
by Unique Fitness Concepts Blog on Feb 20, 2014

Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells

Strength training is an important part of staying fit and healthy. You’ve probably noticed kettlebells becoming increasingly popular. Even though they’ve been around for a long time, more and more people are starting to add them to their routine.
by Unique Fitness Concepts Blog on Oct 31, 2013

Home Gym Basics

The last post discussed tips on finding the right gym. However, working out in a facility is just one option and it’s not right for everyone. There are many advantages to bringing a gym right into your own home. Aside from the money you could save,...
by Unique Fitness Concepts Blog on Oct 10, 2013

Two Weeks of August ALL In Challenge

I'm a fan of Tony Robbins and have been for years and years. I have loved and believed in his quote below: A real decision  is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action.  If there's no action,  you haven't truly decided. I am...
by Healthy Loser Gal on Aug 13, 2013

The Key to a Great Body is Great Body Building Equipment

Choosing great body building equipment is vital to your success in this industry. There are several things to consider when shopping for your body building equipment. It is also important Continue Reading →...
by Give Me Cash on Jun 22, 2013

I’m An Idiot Home Exercise Room Edition: Days 122 – 130

As predicted, eight of the last nine days have been no-spend-days as I continue to house sit and work on my writing. This has been great news for the minimum wage challenge. As mentioned before, I had everything that I really needed which gave me the...
by Debt Free Living Guru on May 15, 2013

What is the best way to rehab after ACL surgery?

I’m a high-school soccer player laid up with a torn ACL. I had surgery two weeks ago and I’m on the bench for the rest of the season. What can I do to keep up my strength and fitness without compromising the recovering knee? Surgery can f...
by Naples Orthopedic Surgeon on Feb 4, 2013

Bent over row exercise for man/women

Bent over row exercise for man/women A bent-over row is a weight training exercise that targets the latissimus dorsi muscle. The bent over row is a much used exercise in training for both bodybuilding and powerlifting as it is a good exercise for inc...
by todaygossip on Jan 2, 2013

Machines or Free Weights?

When it comes to strength training, it is often debated which is better – machines or free weights. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and you have to decide which is right for you. Machines were designed to make workouts...
by Unique Fitness Concepts Blog on Aug 22, 2012

No, No, No…you’re doing it all wrong!!

No, No, No…you’re doing it all wrong!! >>>Click here to sign up to the email newsletterStay stacked up on your bodybuilding resources (Supplements/Fitness equipment/Books)Click here to sign up to the email newsletterStay stacked up on yo...
by Stay-Fit bug on May 30, 2012

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