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Star Wars Crawl

Star Wars CrawlLike this if you are FB user and you think this post is useful. The button is at top right of content of this post.+1 this post if you are Google+ users and you think this post is useful. Hope you will enjoy this post, subscribe to my...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Sep 6, 2015

Free Download Subway Surfers Game for Windows PC

Hello friends good news is that one of my favorite game Subway Surfers is now available for PC also.Now you can enjoy this Game in PC also.After playing this ame i found that this game is very easy to play and also full of entertainment&nbs...
by Computer Stuffs on Jan 5, 2014

Funny Miss UndrsTanding..

A young woman who was several months pregnant was sitting in a bus.When she noticed a young man smiling at her she began feeling humiliated on account of her condition.She changed her seat and he seemed more amused.She moved again and then on seeing...
by Computer Stuffs on May 20, 2013

From LadyR, Now RedButterfly

If you think I am done and over with Wartune, you are mistaken. I myself thought I could stop from playing but the more I think of quitting, the more I am getting challenged. I want to level up. I … Continue reading →...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on May 8, 2013

The Truth BehinD every Unhappy man..

Agree Or not ? lolz..Gave Your comments...........
by Computer Stuffs on May 1, 2013

Fix your windows , Mac or Linux in just two steps | An Infographic

This is a post which is some what a humorous kind. Here you will know how know to fix your problems very easily in just two simple steps. The Oatmeal, however, has a different approach. Artist Matthew Inman breaks down the three major operating syste...
by Tech Blog on Apr 26, 2013

No Time For Fight- COunter Strick Truth

The Truth BehInd The Counter Strick Players !! :D lolz..
by Computer Stuffs on Apr 23, 2013

Side Effects of Chating in ~Hinglish~

Do u really knwo the real disadvantage of talking in ~Hinglish~.Hinglish is a hi bride language! It is made from two words = English + Hindi That means when we use to talk in mixing these two langauges ... Check out the converstaion bellow ....U will...
by Computer Stuffs on Apr 22, 2013

Talking Tom For PC- Free Download

hi Friends,So todays stuff is one of your favirote apps which is generaly used on your aneroid phone is now avilable for your pc.Your favirote Talking Tom Is back to make you laugh hole day long.Its really a very funny apps for all of us. It wold be...
by Computer Stuffs on Apr 20, 2013

Are You in good mood?

 Keep Laughing With US !!Thanks For being with Us plz Like us On Fb==> computer Stuffs <==...
by Computer Stuffs on Apr 8, 2013

PC Car Games Online

Do you want to play car games without leaving you computer. If you have no game players like Xbox or Playstation, online games is a great option to entertain yourself when bored. Thanks goodness the are hundreds and thousands of games available to pl...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on Dec 9, 2012

Math in Tagalog an Visayan

I can’ts stop laughing after reading this: Math was one of my hated subjects in school and I know for sure many of you hated this subject too. Numbers, lots and lots of numbers are just so annoying and confusing. The only time I liked numbers i...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on Dec 9, 2012

Super Angry Birds

Super Angry Birds anyone? No, this is not special edition of Angry Birds. But it is a hardware that give you the feel of real sling shot. I would like to own one please. Because playing using mouse (on Windows) or touch screen (smartphone/tablet) is...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Aug 9, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Hey, today is Public holiday in Penang. For those would like to know more about Penang (not about Penang Uncle today, it is about Penang la), go to this website below: Penang Uncle waste time post today, just a video...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jul 13, 2012

See the other side of the world: Antipodes Map

Popeye the Sailorman always have this seen, either Popeye or the bad guys being beaten up and the whacking causing Popeye or bad guys ended up at the other side of the world, usually at China (Popeye cartoon is based on US). However this is not true...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on May 15, 2012

Playable 404

Usually when we landed at page 404, it will be some not-so-fun experience, because the page we are looking for are not there anymore. There was also some companies that have their 404 page with some nice graphics, however this one is the best, so far...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Mar 6, 2012

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