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Funny monkeys soaking in hot springs

This winter, many parts of Japan were affected by cold current, temperatures plunged and with heavy snowfall. Japan’s monkeys couldn’t stand such cold and often jumped into the hot springs for heating. A little monkey soaking in hot springs was c...
by 2PEP on Feb 26, 2012

Funny monkeys strip a Mercedes-Benz car bare

People who have been to the zoo know it’s unwise to stay too long when driving through the monkeys, because these guys will strip your car bare. UK, British "Daily Mail" reported that in Wiltshire the staff of Longleat Safari Park recen...
by 2PEP on Mar 20, 2011

funny monkey pictures

funny monkey pictures Collection of funny monkey pictures . You know of them wearing suits. pictures of live baby orangutan monkeys mono photos pictures of monkeys funny pictures of baby monkeys live live newborn monkey Segnala presso:...
by funny pictures on Jul 19, 2010

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