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WHAT IF?? ''''' :D...
by FB Photo Blog on Jun 3, 2015

David Cameron skipping gets the photoshop treatment – the pleasure is all mine

It was a near fiasco, however David Cameron has satisfied his wish of putting in an additional five years in 10 Downing Street.  Look how upbeat he will be, he'...

Funny Meme Photos

Get Latest funny memes for express your feelings...
by FB Photo Blog on Jun 25, 2014

Blog promotion by Madonna?

First of all, happy one month anniversary to my blog! Yay! So, last week I posted a picture that I edited of Madonna checking out my blog. Not gonna lie, there was one person who thought it was real… ah, my Photoshop skills! It was a funny mome...
by ITSLEANDER.NET | By Leander on Apr 27, 2014

12 Funniest Facebook Photoshop Fail

Health Alert: Photoshop causes Anorexia (take a look at that skinny arm). (Source)He's like “Hey, your background is different from mine”. (Source)Busted! (Source)Now don't go and try meeting this guy thinking he is a new millionaire. Worst abs E...
by Shocking and Funny pics on Apr 14, 2014

Latest Facebook Timeline Cover Photos for Boys

bad boyjealous?trying to forgetgang loading ...smoke kills youcoolunder construction:p...
by FB Photo Blog on Apr 8, 2014

18 of the worst photo attempts ever

18 of the worst photo attempts ever is a post from: Jokideo // Funny Pictures & Funny Jokes18 of the worst photo attempts ever is a post from: Jokideo // Funny Pictures & Funny Jokes The post 18 of the worst photo attempts ever appeared first on...

Funny photoshop fail

Funny photoshop fail is a post from: Jokideo // Funny Pictures & Funny JokesFunny photoshop fail is a post from: Jokideo // Funny Pictures & Funny Jokes The post Funny photoshop fail appeared first on Jokideo // Funny Pictures & Funny Jokes.

Photoshop challenge accepted

by Funny Pictures on Apr 15, 2013

10 Sets Before And After Photoshop Funny Photos

Enjoy some funny photoshop photos from China.
by Funky Downtown on Feb 19, 2013

Photoshop Trolling

The internet is really full of everything. The “trolls” are everywhere. In this edition, we will present some of the best Photoshop trolling of all the time. All the pictures are made by Photoshop Troll, and the copyrights belong to... Re...
by Funniest Corner on Jan 15, 2013

Is This the Best Beauty Regimen Ever?

I woke up this morning, not exactly looking fresh-like-a-daisy, so this fake commercial for "Fotoshop by Adobé", the "best beauty regimen in the world" made me chuckle! That's exactly what I need, but for real life, you know!And I'm sort of sick of...
by Beauty Crazed on Nov 4, 2012

Funny Photos – Hide and Seek

This is a lovely photograph of a cat and dog playing hide and seek. The dog appears to have the upper hand but maybe the cat is just being sneaky and is about to pounce. Can you think of a funny photo caption for this great picture.
by Photo Caption on Sep 11, 2012

Brighten Up Your Facebook Page with PhotoFunia

This photograph is one that I posted to my Facebook page and is a make believe picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at their wedding ceremony. I hope they’ll excuse me for getting their wedding costumes all mixed up but I’m sure if the...
by Photo Caption on Aug 19, 2012

Your Father is full of proteins

by happyminutes on Aug 16, 2012

This is one of the first images taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

by happyminutes on Aug 6, 2012

Funny Photoshop Pictures – Catnapped

I’ve added a new category to Photo Caption and I think you’re going to like it. Funny Photoshop pictures will display exactly what it says on the tin and I think I’ve found a cracking one to kick off my new category. The cat in this...
by Photo Caption on Apr 3, 2012

Funny Dog Pictures: #Humor, Cats, and Captions too!

  Start LOL’ing now – you will LOVE these funny dog pictures    ...
by MamaNYC on Mar 13, 2012

Barefoot High Heels Feet

“Barefoot high heels feet”…this term sounds funny but it describes the feet in the pictures below. Anyone here dares to take the challenge to “modify” your feet to these “barefoot high heels feet?”...
by Funky Downtown on Feb 7, 2012

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