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How to hide your hard drive in windows without any software

Hello friends, this my first post on this blog hope you like it. Today i am going to tell you how to hide your hard disk drives in windows (XP, Vista, windows7,8,8.1) without using any third party software.As you have seen in offices, collages and in...
by hacking cracking tricks on Feb 14, 2014

Google's "do a barrel roll" new funny trick

Its time to “do a barrel roll” on Google. Its another funny trick. Does not understand then go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” (without quotes”) and press enter. Did Google do a 360 degree roll on your screen. If yes then you would...
by Tricks For you on Feb 17, 2012

Create interesting email ID like and 200+ more

Heya!!! Ready for blasting post... Many People are tired of using old email id like,, etc. Now you can impress your friends by creating some interesting email id like etc. Now you would be thinkin...
by Tricks For you on Feb 17, 2012

Valentines Day Notepad Trick | Wish Valentines Through Notepad

My friends told me to post some notepad tricks, Its a valentine week and found this another amazing trick to wish your valentine using Notepad, yes it sounds strange as its does not have any amazing tools for this stuff but this thing is just aweso...
by Tricks For you on Feb 11, 2012

How to Make Rage Faces in Facebook Chat

Hello, Good Afternoon.... wanna send some awesome Rage Faces to your friends in Facebook chat?? If you do not know what I taking about you can check below image what type of images you can send to all your friends. I know its so funny.... Here is f...
by Tricks For you on Feb 10, 2012

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