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Samsung says Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still on schedule

It seemed that Samsung does indeed get frightened by Apple’s magical iPad 2, that its president lost its confidence in its upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Honeycomb. However, the company’s apparently not letting that affect its plans, despite i...
by 2dayBlog on Mar 6, 2011

Samsung finds parts of Galaxy Tab 10.1 'inadequate' compared to iPad 2

Whether you love or loathe Apple, you have to be happy with the company's aggressive upgrade of the iPad. It has led to Samsung, purveyor of an Android 3.0 tablet by the name of Galaxy Tab 10.1, to look more closely at its own hardware and pricing m...
by Mixed tips on Mar 6, 2011

Gran obstáculo para Samsung, la delgadez y precio del iPad 2

    Está claro que el lanzamiento de un nuevo producto de Apple levanta opiniones de todo tipo. Por un lado los fieles seguidores de la marca ven rápidamente en el nuevo producto un nuevo reto económico que superar y que poder añadir a...
by Novedades Geek on Mar 4, 2011

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