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The Women Food And God Book Club | Join the Discussion

Several years ago, a friend gave me the book “Women Food and God.” I read it when it was given to me in Delaware. Then we moved to North Carolina and next to Colorado. Even though I had read the book, and after all those moves, it always...
by middleSage on Jan 27, 2014

Join the Discussion! Be part of our Book Club!

middleSage would like to invite you to be a part of our Book Club! Read a few good books, join the discussions on middleSage, and maybe meet some new people! Since this is an on-line book club, there are no set meetings to attend….you read and part...
by middleSage on Jan 13, 2014

The MBTA and Me and Staying On Track

So a new chapter in my life has begun this week!  I turned 54 (!!!) a few weeks ago and so –at this point in my life- I oddly seem to have a LOT of new chapters! *grin*  Luckily, many of them are of my own orchestration, but this week’s was a c...
by Healthy Loser Gal on Jun 22, 2012

Book Review: Lost and Found {Geneen Roth}

As Geneen Roth noted in her latest book, Lost and Found, James Grant once said, “Insofar as there is a lesson in history, it’s that human beings are not good with large sums of money, anything over $136.” And ain’t that the tr...
by Sweetnicks on May 9, 2012

How To Get Help With Compulsive Eating

Women Food And God is a book by Geneen Roth, that uncovers some of the psychological issues associated with the fight against excess weight.Here are some great tips and information on healthy eating: Here are some great tips and inform...
by Petra Peach on Jul 13, 2010

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