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Cara Mudah Menanam Bunga Geranium “ Yang Bernilai Ekonomi ”

RuangTani.Com – Untuk tanaman hias sampai saat ini sangat banyak sekali jenisnya yang bisa memperindah bagian rumah atau dapat mempercantik halaman. Salah satunya ialah tanaman hias Geranium. Selain itu juga dapat menjadi pemercantik ruangan at...
by Ruangtani on Aug 3, 2016

June’s Beautiful Blooms: GBBD, June 2016

Although April and May provide some preliminary blooms, June is the month when my garden really comes into its own. The primary display at this time of year is provided by varieties of Siberian iris, …hardy geranium, …and tradescantia (sp...
by Jean's Garden on Jun 16, 2016

The Generosity of Gardeners

Gardeners are a generous group, eager to share both their gardens and their much-loved plants. In part, this is because a garden is a kind of love affair, and those who are in love usually want to share their joy with the world. A second, more practi...
by Jean's Garden on Jun 7, 2016

Phlox subulata and Geranium ‘Espresso’

There is one plant combination in my garden that is shining brighter than any other right now and that is Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata) and Geranium ‘Espresso’. While the phlox is in full bloom with carpets of lavender flow...
by An Obessive Neurotic Gardener on Apr 25, 2016

The Season of New Life

  This season when new growth springs from the roots of winter-dormant plants never loses its magic. During the past two weeks, I’ve spent time outdoors removing the fallen leaves and old plant debris from my flower beds to reveal the new growth u...
by Jean's Garden on Apr 25, 2016

Waiting for Spring: GBBD, March 2016

Despite some unseasonably warm, spring-like days and an early snow melt, I am still waiting for spring to arrive in my Maine garden. There are some signs of new growth here and there, like on hardy geranium plants, Heuchera ‘Raspberry Regal’, Sed...
by Jean's Garden on Mar 16, 2016

Progress on the Side Slope Design

Since I posted two weeks ago on beginning to design the side slope planting for my new front garden (see Year 2 Plans for the New Front Garden), I have continued to work on it. At the same time, I have been reading Planting in a Post-Wild World by Th...
by Jean's Garden on Feb 20, 2016

Geranium Wallpapers

Massive Geranium Wallpapers Geranium Wallpapers in Cute Flowers Class from Actuality is our king subsequently, We’ve choose and up to date day by day the most effective assortment of hd wallpapers free of charge in several...

Year 2 Plans for the New Front Garden: The Side Slope

The addition on the front of my house, completed last spring, created an opportunity for a whole new front garden. This is a big project, and I am approaching it as a five-year plan. In year one (2015), I got the hardscape in place on the upper level...
by Jean's Garden on Feb 3, 2016

Tanaman Geranium Pink (Pink Pelargonium)

Tanaman Geranium Pink (Pink Pelargonium) adalah tanaman dengan bunga yang berwarna pink. Tanaman ini adalah tanaman yang tidak disukai nyamuk namun tidak jenis yang ini. Tanaman pendek ini cukup populer. Bunganya berdaging dan berair. Tanaman ini sel...

Tanaman Geranium Merah (Red Pelargonium)

Tanaman Geranium Merah (Red Pelargonium) adalah tanaman dengan bunga yang berwarna merah. Tanaman ini adalah tanaman yang tidak disukai nyamuk namun tidak jenis yang ini. Tanaman pendek ini cukup populer. Bunganya berdaging dan berair. Tanaman ini se...

The Porch Border

My garden project for August and September is to dig and plant the flower beds immediately surrounding my new patio and walkways – most of the entry garden (around the front entrance to the house) and the Lavender Walk. I got the tiny Blues Border...
by Jean's Garden on Aug 21, 2015

Waning Blooms and Swelling Buds: GBBD, August 2015

Mid-August is a transition time in my Maine garden, with the blooms of high summer waning and the flowers of fall still in bud. The daylilies have been winding down fast over the past couple weeks. Each day seems to bring one more variety opening its...
by Jean's Garden on Aug 16, 2015

oMoi! Neroli Face Cream: Daytime Skincare Favorite!

After four weeks of usage, I have nothing but good things to say about oMoi! Neroli Face Cream as my… The post oMoi! Neroli Face Cream: Daytime Skincare Favorite! appeared first on Sweet Jelly Bean.
by Sweet Jelly Bean on Jul 23, 2015

A Sunny Garden: GBBD, July 2015

I am very late with my bloom day post this month (the consequence of a busy week), but I certainly don’t want to skip the best month of the season in my garden. So here’s my report on the state of my garden this month – better late than never.
by Jean's Garden on Jul 18, 2015

A Soggy Solstice

The summer solstice is my favorite day of the year. I love the long hours of light, the lushness of the landscape, and the perfect summer weather of Maine in late June. I usually celebrate the solstice by spending as much of it as possible outdoors.
by Jean's Garden on Jun 21, 2015

Just Because It’s June, June, June!!! GBBD, June 2015

In the coastal Maine town where the musical Carousel is set, the long winter drags on well into April, and by May people are beginning to doubt that summer will ever come. Then, all of a sudden, everything happens at once – a lush display of life,...
by Jean's Garden on Jun 16, 2015

Warmth, Rain, Bloom!

Our April was unusually cool this year, with very slow snow melt and a sense that spring might never come. Then May arrived with unusually warm – even hot – temperatures. This was not the hot, humid air of July and August, however, but heat that...
by Jean's Garden on Jun 5, 2015

The Twelve Good Ways to Manage Frizzy Hair

In summer hair tend to get damp and damaged. Excess sweat and moisture causes the hair to fall and becomes extremely difficult for you to manage things in time. In summer hair needs that extra care and managing. This is the reason you should be aware...
by shacks on Apr 17, 2015

New Growth!

It’s no joke! I have new growth showing in my garden. Although there are still some large snow piles in parts of the garden, like the north-facing deck border. Other parts, like the south-facing blue and yellow border just across the walkway, have...
by Jean's Garden on Apr 1, 2015

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