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Holiday Gift Giving Sets By Lindi Skin – Skincare For Extremely Sensitive Skin

Buying gifts can be tough when the person in mind is going through cancer treatments. Their skin can be extremely sensitive from the treatments. There is a brand that I have done a review for while back for a few of their skincare line. They have the...
by Thoughts of Beauty on Dec 10, 2016

Holiday Snowflakes Christmas Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love a classic Christmas cookie recipe? Having holiday cookies for your Christmas holiday is essential! It’s something that everyone loves to take a bite.  If you’re planning to serve a delicious cookie for your guests, try thi...
by Stagetecture on Dec 2, 2016

How To Feng Shui Your Gift Giving. By Franklin, TN designer, Amanda Gates

Today I presented a local workshop on How To Feng Shui Your Gift-Giving at the local library. As my team and I started promoting the class a flood of emails came in asking what that meant. Was there such a thing as giving by way of feng shui? Did fen...
by Ab home interiors on Nov 7, 2016

DIY: Decorating Wine Glasses

I love to make my own gifts for people. Sometimes it is easier to purchase a gift card and such, but I tend to try and make things more personal and fun. This isn’t always an easy task but seeing that I love to craft and make things, it makes t...
by This Librarian's Life on Apr 27, 2016

A Little House on the Prairie Christmas

Like Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family, let’s place less emphasis on expensive gifts and express more thankfulness for our current blessings.
by Hunter Happenings on Dec 24, 2015

50 Ideas For Gift Giving – Christmas Present And Holiday Gift Guide

  Unwrapping The Gifts: 50 Ideas For Gift Giving Thinking about romantic gift ideas for her? What would be the best personalized gifts for him? Still undecided what to buy as Christmas presents for kids? Searching for the best gift giving and h...
by Work Money Fun on Dec 21, 2015

"Light Up Your Holidays . . . "

Greetings,I'm excited to introduce our new SMW Home Signature Candle - just in time for holiday gift-giving.  We've put together a clever combination of . . .   Cedar Bergamot Fir Needles Orange Oils Eucalyptus ...
by The Adventures of Tartanscot on Dec 9, 2015

How to Be the Most Thoughtful Gift Giver

Have you ever received a gift you looked forward to year after year? Even though it was the same every time, you just couldn’t wait for it. My Great Aunt used to send me a birthday card every year with three crisp one dollar bills inside and...
by Teal & Lime on Dec 8, 2015

7+ Last-Minute, Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Some last-minute gifts can be not only easy to assemble or buy, but also inexpensive.
by Hunter Happenings on Dec 7, 2015

The Best Gifts for the Cool Guy in Your Life

How Was Your Day? We all know a guy who is too cool for school, too hipster to need any mainstream gifts for Christmas, too suave to need to ask for something that he needs. We love this guy, but he also makes it so hard for us to find the perfect pr...
by How Was Your Day? on Dec 5, 2015

"Tartan, Tinsel, and Tile - with SMW Home . . . "

Greetings,If you're in the area next Tuesday - December 8th - please join me in the Walker Zanger Showroom for a celebratory Pop-Up Shop - featuring our collection of holiday goods from Scot Meacham Wood Home.   "Bring a Wee Bit of the Scottish...
by The Adventures of Tartanscot on Dec 4, 2015

Three Levels of Christmas Giving

Exchanging meaningful, carefully planned presents can be an important part of celebrating Christmas. How do we do this without blowing the budget?
by Hunter Happenings on Dec 3, 2015

10 Ideas for Clutter-Free Gift Giving

As an organizer, I often find that it is hard for my clients to part with gifts that were given to them a long time ago.Oftentimes these gifts are no longer useful, but are kept for sentimental reasons or because they don’t want to hurt th...
by SimpLeigh Organized on Nov 28, 2015

Updated for 2015! Black Friday-Cyber Monday Beauty Deals – Need Gift Ideas?

Who isn’t looking already for a few really awesome beauty gifts or ideas? There are already a few great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals going on before Black Friday! Are you going to be shopping on Thanksgiving Late Night/Early morning? I think...
by Thoughts of Beauty on Nov 20, 2015

This is MY story.

  I AM A KEEPER OF MEMORIES. I archive my memories through photography, scrapbooking, social media posts, and videos. When I was introduced to a Living Locket, I was thrilled because it was... Special Offer: Use the code "RAINBOW10"...
by A Bowl Full of Lemons on Nov 17, 2015

Gift Wrap Finishing Touches

There are two types of people when it comes to gift wrapping…those who loathe it, those who LOVE it. I’ve always been a lover of gift wrapping so I’m excited to join 9 friends in a Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas...
by DIY Show Off on Nov 16, 2015

Creating a Summer Gift Basket: The Ultimate Hostess Gift

Summertime is a wonderful season, filled with sunshine, warm weather, and my personal favorite, casual and relaxed outdoor entertaining. I'm not one to show up to a party empty handed, and while I love to bring a homemade treat or bottle of wine, the...
by Old Town Home on Jul 2, 2015

How I Made My First Floral Burlap Wreath

No doubt about it, burlap wreaths are very popular. Talented crafters across the internet, including Pinterest, have created them in varying styles, sizes and shapes, but until now, I have not been among the masses. First of all, I am terrible at f...
by Not Just Paper and Glue on Apr 24, 2015

4 secrets to secondhand gift giving

Have you ever tried to give a secondhand gift but worried that you’d appear tacky or cheap? I personally love giving secondhand items because it allows me to give something that’s worth more than what I could comfortably purchase new.
by Living Rich on Less on Apr 16, 2015

My Christmas Glitter Etravaganza- a little late :)

Yes, I know it's March, but sometimes life happens and you take forever to write about Christmas. (It's still winter-ish right? No. It's spring. Oh well.)So this Christmas I wanted to give gifts from the heart. I also didn't want to spend $101,283,04...
by Home Sweet Homebodies on Mar 31, 2015

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