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Why Do Women Hate Each Other? By Nova Giovanni

Why do some of you women hate each other? This must be addressed. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a woman say “I don’t get along with other females...
by ThisistheDream on Apr 6, 2011

Girl Fights

It makes me sad to see all the websites on the internet offering videos of girl fights. What's sadder still is that there seems to be such widespread interest in these fights, and that some people seem to get joy out of watching them. It says a lot a...

Violence at Schoolies and bullshit reporting

Everything about this article makes me cross: Girl power turns ugly and violent during Schoolies Week: THEY are the shiny, silver bracelets teenage girls would never factor into their well-planned outfits. Because all girls are obsessed with clothes...
by the news with nipples on Nov 22, 2009

Girl Fights and Kissing for fashion !! Hot Commercial

Usually Girl fights for two things Boy friend and clothes.As usual,Boys enjoy the moments when two girl fights each other specially when they are hot.So,Watch this two "Hot Girls" fighting Video...
by iblog entertainment on Jul 30, 2009

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