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Hostile Takeovers

WHAT IS A HOSTILE TAKEOVER? WHY IS IT CALLED SO? The acquisition of a company by another by directly approaching the  company’s shareholders and not reaching an agreement with the management of the target company is called a hostile takeover or...
by Wealthymatters on Dec 27, 2012

Former HP CEO resigns after sexual harassment investigation; but not without pressure from HP and an estimated $40 million severance package.

Worried that former HP CEO Mark Hurd might not know what to do with himself after getting caught falsifying expense reports to hide girl #2 and being forced to resign? Don’t be: ol’ Mark’s getting a $12,224,693 severance payment in...
by TechOrigins on Aug 7, 2010

A more glorious dawn awaits: Nota Bene #2009-47

“The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” Who said it? The answer is at the end of th...
by Scholars & Rogues on Dec 31, 2009

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