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Chuck Berry, Julian Lennon, Keith Richards – Johnny B Goode

Video of the day February 18, 2014  ...
by Guitar Players World on Feb 19, 2014

Death Comes to Pemberley – Mon Avis

Créée par : Juliette Towhidi Avec : Matthew Rhys, Anna Maxwell Martin, Matthew Goode, Jenna Coleman Nationalité : Britannique Genre : Historique, Policier Statut : Terminée Format :  59 minutes Nombre d’épisodes : 3 Synopsis :  Six ans a...
by Songe d'une nuit d'été on Jan 1, 2014

Death Comes to Pemberley, BBC1, Anna Maxwell Martin, Matthew Rhys PREVIEW

What happened next at Pemberley – Wickham, Darcy, Elizabeth and Lydia. Pics: BBCRating: ★★★★ BBC1: Boxing Day, 8.15pmStory: It's six years since Elizabeth and Darcy married and they now have a young son, Fitzwilliam. On the eve of...
by CrimeTimePreview on Dec 16, 2013

Death Comes to Pemberley : trailer et diffusion sur la BBC

Le tant attendu trailer de Death Comes to Pemberley est paru hier dans la journée et ça promet du beau mais surtout du très bon ! Je ne sais pas vous mais j’ai vraiment hâte de voir cette mini-série ! Par ailleurs, la BBC a également rév...
by Songe d'une nuit d'été on Dec 5, 2013

Death Comes to Pemberley : Adaptation par la BBC

On ne compte plus le nombre d’adaptations de l’oeuvre de Jane Austen et si celles-ci commencent doucement à fleurir autour de son univers, c’est à Death Comes to Pemberley (La mort s’invite à Pemberley, éditions Fayard) de...
by Songe d'une nuit d'été on Nov 25, 2013

How to Play Johnny B. Goode Guitar Riff by Parts

This is the classic guitar riff of all time, rock and r […]The post How to Play Johnny B. Goode Guitar Riff by Parts appeared first on Riffs|Tabs|Reviews.
by Riff Riff How to Play Guitar on Oct 15, 2013

Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Joe Manganiello On Batman Shortlist For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

The general fan consensus says that Jon Hamm, age 42, should play Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman Vs. Superman. As we reported last week, WB is rumored to be looking for someone to play an older and more experienced Batman in the sequel to Man of Stee...
by Geeks of Doom on Aug 5, 2013

Movie Review: Stoker

Stoker Director: Park Chan-wook Screenwriter: Wentworth Miller Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman, Dermot Mulroney Fox Searchlight Pictures Rated R | 99 Minutes Release Date: March 8, 2013 (Limited) Directed by Park Chan-wook, S...
by Geeks of Doom on Mar 22, 2013

Fortunately England still have the chance of the…

...Grand Slam. Get the funny feeling that's all they were thinking about when the little matter of an Italian side could quite have easily spoiled the party. Read the rest of this crap at Toxic Web → .
by Toxic Web on Mar 12, 2013

Stoker: Movie Review

Stoker is unusually symbolic and vivid with its imagery. We would be lying is we didn't say we were impressed with its distinctive style and flair. And yet, all of its definig qualities goes to waste with a meaningless story. One that will leave you...
by Reel Advice on Mar 4, 2013

Was that the making of this England… The previous two home victories, against New Zealand and Scotland, were good but was winning away in Ireland the indication of where this England rugby team is under Stuart Lancaster? Read the rest of this crap at Toxic Web → .
by Toxic Web on Feb 12, 2013

Los Vigilantes: Watchmen (2009) DVDrip

Estados Unidos, años 80. La Guerra Fría está en su apogeo, y los superhéroes, que antes habían sido admirados, ahora son perseguidos por la ley. Un día aparece muerto uno de ellos, “El Comediante”, que trabajaba para la CIA. Su amig...
by on Feb 8, 2013

Sexy Thriller "Stoker" Opens March 1 in Philippine Cinemas

From a script penned by Wentworth Miller and directed by acclaimed Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook comes “Stoker,” a sexy and dark thriller starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode and Mia Wasikowska. The first English-language feature of director...
by The Film Geek Guy on Feb 7, 2013

Tráiler español de ‘Stoker’

La filial española de 20th Century Fox acaba de lanzar la versión en castellano del tráiler del esperado debut hollywoodiense “del director de ‘Oldboy’”, Park Chan-wook, de nombre ‘Stoker’, un “cuento de e...
by Sobre Cine on Feb 6, 2013

Head Case – It’s All Good(e)

Dr. Finkelstein’s commercial and yellow page ad pays off in multiple ways. Dr. Goode meets a keeper from the dating service. Willie Garson finds himself alone…again.
by new music blog on Jan 31, 2013

The Poison Tree ITV1 with MyAnna Buring, Matthew Goode PREVIEW

Nowhere to hide? MyAnna Buring as Karen in The Poison Tree. Pics: ITV Rating: ★★★½  ITV1: starts Monday, 10 December, 9pm  Story: Karen Clarke has spent 12 years waiting for her partner, Rex, to be released from prison. Now he is free, sh...
by CrimeTimePreview on Nov 26, 2012

Stoker: Sneak Peek

“Stoker” starring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, Dermot Mulroney and Matthew Goode is about a girl named India Stoker who treads on perilous grounds as she gets infatuated with a man whom she barely knows. If you didn't know, the script was writt...
by Reel Advice on Nov 13, 2012

“Destroyer” con Paul Bettany, Matthew Goode y la Guerra de las Malvinas

En la primavera del año que viene se iniciará el rodaje de “Destroyer”, película que dirigirá Tom Shankland (“The children”) y que protagonizarán Paul Bettany (“Margin call”) y Matthew Goode (“Tenías que ser tú”). Según Screen...
by Sobre Cine on Nov 7, 2012

Ad of the Week with Oresti Patricios – Lawrence Anthony, Coronation and the lesson of trust

MarkLives Ad of the Week with Oresti Patricios - Lawrence Anthony, Coronation and the lesson of trust Lawrence Anthony was a remarkable human being. They called him the ‘elephant whisperer’ but he was much, much more than that. Born in Johannesb...
by MarkLives on Oct 24, 2012

‘Stoker’ International Trailer: Mia Wasikowska Loves Her Uncle, Ice Cream & Sniper Rifles

We first got a glimpse of Oldboy director Park Chan-wook’s Stoker a week ago. In it, the trailer was intent on selling Nicole Kidman playing a cold mother who is sending a threatening message to her daughter. As bone chilling as that speech was, t...
by Geeks of Doom on Oct 4, 2012

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