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Learning The Best Hair Design

“In this world, nothing can be said to certain, except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin famously said. But despite his wisdom and achievements, Franklin was forgetting another life truth: People will always need haircuts. Sure, some people go...

ACHDB - Top Global Hairdressing & Beauty School - opens in Manila + FREE Sessions

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a hairstylist? Are you constantly begging your friends and family members to let you cut, color, or style their hair? Well, I don't blame you! I myself is a frustrated hairstylist (I used to cut my kids' hair...
by Manila Shopper on Apr 4, 2015

Shorter hair design

Unequal short hair is increasingly popular and in this 2015/2016 comes with more force, giving your image a great personality, feminine style and boldness.They are very practical and easy to maintain, women are more oval face benefit.Unequal short ha...
by Hairstyles on Feb 4, 2015

Modern residences show simplicity or minimalism – Exactly what can home owners find out from residence designers tri cities

Contemporary design ideas – Modern houses reveal simplicity or minimalism. Residence design is not as basic as deciding on and acquiring items from a regional establishment. Exactly what can house owners discover from residence designers’...
by HOME DESIGN TRENDS on Sep 24, 2014

To Listen and "Make it So"

I went with my daughter, Alicia, and her family to get haircuts yesterday. My granddaughters are four and six years old and sometimes I tag along to make sure the girls don’t get into any trouble while their mom is getting her hair trimmed.Also, th...
by Erase Negativity on Jan 6, 2014

Just a little something I whipped up

I love my job, not only do I get to be surrounded by all things sweet and sugary, I also get to meet some fabulous and extremely talented people, and I’m lucky to call some my friends! The... Read the latest from Crumbs and Corkscrews...
by Crumbs & Corkscrews on Nov 22, 2013


I have a thing of ripping off my clothes and DIY-ing it. So yeah, locate this post on lookbook :)But you can view the photo here below.Andddd, Who would not miss my friends? ;)Some of my friends who were with me.Make-up Selfie shot.Debutante's First...
by GALACTICA on May 23, 2013

Who Says You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

Cosmetology students at Olympian University, 4501 N. Main St. in Roswell proved you can “have your cake and win it two, three times and more” when the school brought home the 2nd and 3rd place awards at a recent Educational Forum in Fort Worth, T...
by Erase Negativity on Feb 25, 2013

Hair Designs Haircut Barber Hair Tattoo

Hair Color Styles Ideas Trends 2012 Hair Color Trends.Prom Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair With Small Butterfly Head Band.How To Make Hair Bows Video Step By Step Southern Plate.Scene Hair Is Colorful Eccentric And In My Opinion Pretty Fun To...
by INFO LAPTOP on Feb 18, 2013

Dramatic Hair Color and Style Spring Ideas

  Dramatic Hair Color and Style Spring Ideas   Technicolor hair is the ultimate style du jour! Browse through our review of the hottest dramatic hair color ideas for spring and start toying with the idea of going multi-tonal. Dramatic Hair Colo...
by gossipfunsouls on Feb 5, 2013

♚THE DAY BE4 YEAR OF 2012 < 前年日記> 一個無聊的小女紫髮女孩

CLOSED! [Day 3] DEEP Fortifying Treatment Birthday Giveaway sponsored by @DesignEssntials

Design Essentials is a brand that's dedicated to helping you with at-home styling. Experience total hair restoration with the DEEP Fortifying Treatment. It's designed to strengthen your hair and rescue your tresses from damage by coloring, heat and o...
by Revealing Beaute on Jun 26, 2012

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, A Father's Day Tribute

I’ve been thinking about my dad lately. Father’s Day is approaching and even though my pop died for more than 15 years, I still think about kind of gift he might like to have for Father’s Day. Dad had a weird sense of humor and wasn’t partic...
by Erase Negativity on May 30, 2012

Going Behind the Scenes of Disney’s Newest Movie – “Brave” #DisneyPixarEvent

I am so excited to take my boys to see Disney’s newest movie, coming out on June 22nd – Brave.  I attend the Disney/Pixar Blogging Event in San Francisco in April and it was amazing!  We had the opportunity to watch part of the movie an...
by The Mommy-Files on May 22, 2012

New to Michael William Hairdressing – Dordogne Advertising

We now have gift vouchers available to purchase fo any amount which are usable for any salon service. The vouchers are presented in their own lovely gift envelope and are just perfect to present to your loved one or to slip inside that special card.
by Dordogne Advertising Blog on Apr 30, 2012

How To Design Your Shiny Hair

Your hair is something you should cherish. Beautiful shiny hair will help you improve your confidence. The right haircut or hair style to emphasize your best features. how, like a bad hair day can ruin your whole outfit. A bad day, a badly damaged ma...
by Long Hair Styles on Apr 5, 2012

Hair Designs

Hair designs should match your personality You are fun, outgoing person, but people only know the personality traits you have, when they tell you, because you are stringy, long, dull hair and a very colorful show that you are nothing but. Or you are...
by hair grow on Feb 10, 2012

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