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Tulip Siddiq makes a passionate plea for her EU residents

by wembleymatters on Dec 7, 2016

Brent Central and Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Parties nominate Corbyn for Labour leadership

Brent Central CLP nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership by 69 votes to 24 tonight. Hampstead and Kilburn nominated Corbyn by 96 to 54.   Brent North does not vote until August 9th.
by wembleymatters on Jul 28, 2016

Southern Living Inspired Home: Living, Kitchen & Laundry

Recently, I got the opportunity to tour Alabama’s first Southern Living Inspired Home.  I grew up with Southern Living magazines spread on our coffee table and in my mom’s kitchen.  Still to this day, I make Southern Living’s home...
by Perfectly Imperfect on Jul 5, 2016

Brent debates anti-semitism

Three meetings are scheduled over the next 10 days addressing in various ways the issue of anti-semitism in the Labour Party and in the wider context.At a Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party meeting last week last Thursday a motion from the Jewish Lab...
by wembleymatters on Jun 2, 2016

Bertie and Betty

 As I was adding some pictures to one of my Pinterest boards ,I came across the above photograph, Of course I just had to look into it to find out who they both were.They were Bertie (Ethelbert White) and his wife Betty ( Elizabeth Crofton-Dodwe...
by Katie B's Blog on Feb 21, 2016

The Galley NW6

Whisky Tasting with JuraThe Gallery up in West Hampstead is already a delightful neighbourhood haunt with an enviable gin selection and a great range of craft beers. It has just been made even better by the introduction of its new monthly whisky tast...
by The Little Brown Book on Nov 23, 2015

Hampstead & Kilburn back Yvette Cooper for Labour Leader by just one vote

Hampstead & Kilburn Labour Party yesterday narrowly backed Yvette Cooper for the Labour Leadership, by just one vote in the third round.This is how the process of distributing second choice  votes  of the lowest candidate in each round...
by wembleymatters on Jul 24, 2015

The Benefit Cap, Tulip Siddiq and Election Promises

[View the story "The benefit cap, a Labour MP and election promises" on Storify]...
by wembleymatters on Jul 18, 2015

Hampstead & Kilburn CLP nominate Tessa Jowell and David Lammy for London Mayor

Hampstead and Kilburn Constituency Labour Party  tonight nominated Tessa Jowell and David Lammy as their Labour candidates for London Mayor.This completes the nominations for the three Brent constituencies:Tessa Jowell - Brent North and Hampstea...
by wembleymatters on Jun 9, 2015

Detailed General Election results for Brent

by wembleymatters on May 8, 2015

Rebecca Johnson is the Green Party's featured candidate today

Rebecca Johnson is today' s featured candidate on the Green Party national website LINK I reproduce the post here:  In the run up to the General Election we will be giving you the opportunity to get to know some of our candidates. Our key c...
by wembleymatters on Apr 27, 2015

Rebecca Johnson, Green candidate for H&K will pledge to protect the NHS from privatisation, funding cuts and TTIP this afternoon

A cause the Greens support38 Degrees members in Hampstead and Kilburn are to present a petition this afternoon outside Waitrose, close to Finchley Road station, asking candidates for the constituency to protect the NHS if elected.  Rebecca Johns...
by wembleymatters on Apr 25, 2015

Vote Green in Hampstead & Kilburn and reject Austerity Plus and Austerity Lite

Green voters in Hampstead and Kilburn are being told on the doorstep by Labour  that the outcome is 'too close ro call' and that they should vote Labour to prevent a possible Tory victory.  Green candidate Rebecca Johnson has been well rece...
by wembleymatters on Apr 25, 2015

Brent candidates' views on the Israel-Palestine conflict

Following last week's hustings on War, Peace and the Middle East readers may be interested in their Brent candidates views on the Israel-Palestine situation.This is the up to date information received so far from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign's q...
by wembleymatters on Apr 18, 2015

Green Party candidates speak out on War, Peace and the Middle East

by wembleymatters on Apr 15, 2015

Brent election meetings and hustings happening next week

Brent Council directed a local resident to Wembley Matters when she asked if the Council could tell her about election hustings in the area. These are the election meetings and hustings I know are happening in the next week or so. Please email me on...
by wembleymatters on Apr 12, 2015

Majority of responding candidates condemn illegal Israeli settlements

From the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The views of Brent Central, Brent North and Hampstead and Kilburn candidates can be found HERE and will be updated when more responses are received. The Palestine issue along with other topics relating to confl...
by wembleymatters on Apr 3, 2015

Election hustings and meetings in Brent in the next fortnight

Hampstead and Kilburn is well ahead in terms of General Election hustings.  If any organisation has details of hustings in Brent Central and Brent North please send them in. Party allegiances aside I think it is important to have as much open an...
by wembleymatters on Apr 1, 2015

Next week's General Election Hustings in Brent

Hampstead & Kilburn hustings at Tricycle Theatre, Tuesday 24 March 2015 @ 7:30pm Hampstead & Kilburn Hustingshosted by the Tricycle Theatre and Age UK (Brent & Camden)Tuesday 24 March 2015, 7.30pm Parliamentary candidates for the Hampste...
by wembleymatters on Mar 20, 2015

Rebecca Johnson's policies for Hampstead and Kilburn in 3 minutes flat!

Rebecca Johnson - Green Candidate for H&K - An introduction. from GreenRebJohnson on Vimeo.
by wembleymatters on Mar 14, 2015

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