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Parenting Help: 9 Slip Ups to Avoid in Toddlerhood

The best parenting help in the world would be if each toddler came with an individual owner's manual to assist parents in the trying times of toddlerhood.  Sure there is plenty of helpful advice out there from other moms and dads and professiona...
by The Parent Fairy on Apr 21, 2010

Toddler Cold Medicine - Home Remedies in the Cabinet

One of the many ways parents can limit toxins being ingested in their children is to use home remedies as toddler cold medicine. Professionals advise that parents minimize use of over-the-counter medicines for their children unless they are truly nee...
by The Parent Fairy on Jul 14, 2009

Health Hazards Stir with Toddler Sleep Problems

As a parent, are you aware of the effect a lack of proper sleep can have on your toddler? You probably know it isn't healthy for them but do you know in what areas it will affect them? If parents don't get their toddler sleep problems under control a...
by The Parent Fairy on Jun 5, 2009

Toddlerhood: 7 "Start Early" Areas

Parents often say that toddlerhood is the most trying time of parenting as they turn their backs on their normal life and begin living the life of chaos, sleep loss, tantrums, unrealistic demands, demanding temperaments and guilt. There are certain a...
by The Parent Fairy on Jun 4, 2009

Toddler Sleep Help - Baby Sleep Massage

Do you need toddler sleep help? One of the things you can do to support your chosen baby sleep technique, just before bedtime is a baby sleep massage.A baby sleep massage also holds health benefits for a child with cold or flue.Do you know how to pro...
by The Parent Fairy on Jan 6, 2009

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