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Super Swimwear by Sunuva and Win £100 Gift Card

We're now back from a dream holiday in Jamaica reviewing Beaches Resorts Ocho Rios, and while there, my little heros learnt how to swim in utterly stylish gifted swimwear by celebrity favourite Sunuva. Read more...
by Honest Mum on Jun 14, 2015

Kruger in the Wet

  Kruger in the rainy season is a totally different experience to the dry season. The wet season may be a time of plenty for the wildlife but it’s a time of drought when it comes to good photography opportunities. The bush throughout the park...
by Wild Eye View on Feb 15, 2015

Adorable Bread Hippos Peeking out of Soup

The course called Healthy Hungry Hippo Soup uses bread body, black-eyed peas eyes, a black bean nostrils for ...Continue Reading...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Jan 26, 2015

20+ Printable Coupons for Toys, Games, DVDs, and Blu-rays!

If you haven't checked out MomsWhoSave's printable coupons lately, you're missing out on some good ones. Did you know there are coupons for more than just grocery and drugstore items? Check out these coupons for DVDs, blu-rays, and toys. You may f...
by Blog on Dec 21, 2014

Lake Panic One of the World’s Best Wildlife Photo Hotspots

Lake Panic hide near Skukuza camp in Kruger has to be one of the best photo hides in the world for close up bird and wildlife photography. This shot was taken at a distance of about 10m. Fantastic!
by Wild Eye View on Nov 20, 2014

Animal Symbiosis; You Scratch My Back I’ll Scratch Yours!

One of my favorite shots of a Heron surfing the back of a Hippo. The herons use the hippos as a platform to spear fish feeding in the churned up water. It’s a perfect example of animal bird symbiosis.
by Wild Eye View on Oct 10, 2014

Baby hippos

by Funny Pictures on Sep 24, 2014

The End of Another Lazy Day

The end of another day lazing around in the river….time to yawn and start looking for something to eat!
by Wild Eye View on Aug 30, 2014


  Hippo’s are intelligent animals. I wonder what they think about while lolling around in the pool all day?
by Wild Eye View on Apr 9, 2014

A Close Eye on the Camera

When I tell you this Hippo was close, he was close…less than 5m from my camera lens. Taken from the hide at Lake Panic, near Skukuza camp in Kruger National Park. For close wildlife encounters the hide at Lake Panic has to be one of the best ph...
by Wild Eye View on Jan 27, 2014

Hippo HDR’s

Our pending move to Australia has resulted in all photography trips being derailed. So, the only thing left to do was to go back into the files and get creative! Those of you who regularly follow this blog know that Hippo’s are one of my favori...
by Wild Eye View on Sep 8, 2013

Hippopotamus is …

Hippopotamus The hippopotamus , or hippo, from the ancient Greek for “river horse” (ἱπποπόταμος), is a large, mostly herbivorous mammal in sub-Saharan Africa, and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae (th...
by What is this ? on Jul 13, 2013

Calling All Hippos!

As we got down from the car Erick started loading the rifle. He took out three bullets and told me, one is for you, the second is for this lady and the third is for her. Then he turned towards the only male member of the group and told him, “I...
by Travel Tales from India on May 20, 2013

Giant Kingfisher Flight Montage

Was playing with Photoshop and decided to make a montage of a series of shots of a Giant Kingfisher in flight. (Click on photo to see full frame)...
by Wild Eye View on Apr 6, 2013

Don’t mess with hippo mommy (video)

by Amazing Creatures on Apr 1, 2013

Soft Landing

Sometimes it pays to go back in time and take a look at old files. It’s interesting what you find. When you come back from a trip the focus is always on shots of something that you found particularly interesting at the time. Consequently you sk...
by Wild Eye View on Feb 22, 2013

“Bow Wave”

Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I like photographing Hippos even though most of the time they are completely boring subjects. However, as soon as they get active they get interesting. I particularly like this shot of a young bull in a hur...
by Wild Eye View on Feb 21, 2013

Extraordinary wildlife to watch whilst on an African safari

Guest Post African safaris – there are so many types to choose from: 4WD safaris, canoe safaris, walking safaris, horse-riding safaris even hot air balloon safaris.  Each one has its own unique elements and allows you to see some extraordinary wil...
by Travel Feeder on Feb 8, 2013

Hooked on Hippo Dope

What is it about the African bush that repeatedly sucks both the locals and tourists back time and time again? At first its all about the big stuff, but after a while the small stuff becomes as interesting. Lets face it, the big sky and the solitude...
by Wild Eye View on Nov 16, 2012

Wild Eyes

The original inspiration for the Wild Eye View website was a photograph of the wild eyes of a Buffalo taken by Stuart years back in Umfolozi National Park in South Africa. Since then photographing the eyes of wild animals and birds has been a focal p...
by Wild Eye View on Oct 7, 2012

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