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Ingredients : 5 oz. Water 5 oz. Vodka (You can change to water or pure rosemary tea infusion) 5 tsp Liquid Glycerine 12-14 drops Peppermint or Spearmint Essential Oil 5 drops MyrrhThis recipe makes a rather minty mouthwash but as it contains no added...
by Vinensia - Aromatherapy on Apr 2, 2009

Air Freshener

Ingredients : 5 oz. clean spray bottle with a fine mist setting (do not use a bottle for hair products such as hair spray). 40-50 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend 2 ounces of distilled water and 2 ounces of high-proof alcoh...
by Vinensia - Aromatherapy on Mar 19, 2009

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