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How Setting Limits For Children Negates The Need For Discipline

Setting limits and outlining boundaries actually helps kids feel more secure. They display self control more readily and happily take responsibility because they understand the reasons behind it.
by Loving Your Child on Jul 20, 2011

How To Teach Children Discipline At Home And School

Discipline needs to be taught during a child’s early growth stages, to help them develop positive attitudes and prepare them in handling school, work and other social activities.
by Loving Your Child on Jun 27, 2011

Good Parenting Discipline Tactics - Gets Results

Discipline is an area that is commonly known to parents as the place where we seem to make the most mistakes. I mean let's face it, when you are overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and sometimes even fed up being a parent, you are expected to make an imm...
by The Parent Fairy on Mar 28, 2010

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