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How To Become a Successful Magician

You too can learn to become a successful magician with this successful magician guideread more...
by Curb Shop Review on May 6, 2013

The Making of a Master Magician

Previously called the Keller-Thurston show, the largest Vaudeville show between 1908 and 1936 was the Thurston show. In 1908 Keller retired and passed “The Mantle of Magic” onto Howard Thurston. The show was so famous that it was consider...
by Ferdinand Rennie Music on Nov 1, 2011

Blanco y negro (Paul Daniels)

“Blanco y Negro” o “Black and White”, en inglés, es una de las tantas ilusiones de uno de los magos mas importantes de la historia de la Magia: Dante, mago dinamarqués nacido en el año ...
by Portal de Magia on Dec 28, 2008

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